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  1. BinaryCodex

    As the Seasons Change

    Aya lives peacefully by herself in a quiet corner of the woods. She loves nature and enjoys watching as it changes and grows. Those days could go on forever… At least until the day when the world’s natural flow fractured. Aya awoke to find that though it should have been late Spring, her...
  2. BinaryCodex

    RUN> Introduction

    Loading Greeting... Greetings all! I am the BinaryCodex! Within my pages lies the greatest of all magic words: Software Code! Loading ACTUAL Greeting... Hi everyone. I'm... well you get the idea. You can call me Codex for short. I'm a programmer who has had a casual interest in game...

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Maybe I should get rid of the Banish ability in my game. It's a non-elemental spell that doesn't even appear in the magic chart. It's only there because my Elementalist doesn't use light or dark magic. It only effects summoned creatures.
I've been redoing all of the major areas in my game. starting with a place called Century Park. thankfully because all of the locations are distorted memories, I can make these places pretty abstract.
HexMozart88 wrote on RHachicho's profile.
Hey wait a minute, I remember you!

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