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  1. Woland

    RMMV Entitled

    SYNOPSIS Have you ever wondered why in every game you are a rich hero that gets the girl and in real life... it at least ain't that easy? Entitled is an exploration of cinematic narrative vs. narrative driven by gameplay, not dialogue choices. It’s a study of a player's pleas for agency vs...
  2. Woland

    RMMV Java script for teleporting to certain tile?

    I am using Chrono Engine and in order to control the enemy in the battle I need to use their movement route. Can't use anything else. I know that this teleports the enemy to a random spot. How do I make it teleport to a certain X,Y? this.teleportRandom(X,Y)?
  3. Woland

    RMMV Hime's hidden choice and advanced conditions

    Hi, I am using Hime's hidden choice conditions plugin and I also have a small plugin that allows me to use the hasItem command to check if the player owns an item. I am trying to make a system in which you can place an ad that you'll rent out your house. Once you put the ad up, a variable will...
  4. Woland

    RMMV Localization engine?

    Hey everyone. Any loc engines you recommend? I need it to be able to export all the texts into some .xls or .csv. All the texts, meaning not only message boxes, but also system stuff, like map names, etc. And of course, it should be able to import the file back, with the translations. Probably...
  5. Woland

    Event priority in set movement route

    Is there a script to change the event priority in the set movement route event action? I would like to set the event I am interacting with to "below characters" when the movement route action gets executed.
  6. Woland

    RMMV Picture of the control scheme in options?

    I would like to allow the player to go into "options" and choose "controls..." which would not really let them change the controls but would just display an image showing a gamepad layout with the controls neatly laid out. So basically I need something that lets me: - add a new position to the...
  7. Woland

    Picture fades / transitions and text?

    Hey everyone! In RM I can show a picture, which is great and exactly what I need but... It just pops up on the screen, which looks pretty ugly. I tried the fadeout through tint and it works, but still, the picture just pops up on top of the fade. The closest I got to making it work is this...
  8. Woland

    Play animation in a movement route?

    Is there a way to trigger playing an animation here? I'm assuming there's some simple script call that could do that. And yes, it has to be made within the movement route. No, I can't just end the movement, play the animation and then continue the movement in another event entry. It's not how...
  9. Woland

    Slow fade in?

    I want one specific screen fade in to be slower than the others. Is there a cool script or plugin or clever way to do that?
  10. Woland

    Armor upgrade with variable?

    It's easy for a weapon - I just add the variable to the damage formula. But with armor? I don't see any place where that's easily possible. Or maybe I'm missing something?
  11. Woland

    RMMV Checking for no weapons

    Let's assume there's only 2 possible weapons in my game - 15 and 16. I made this little test event: What's wrong with it? It works always. When I gave myself weapons 15 and 16 with different event, the event still returns "you have no weapons"
  12. Woland

    JavaScript to turn off a self switch?

    I would like to turn off a self switch on an event whenever player dies. I don't want to make the self switch a global switch, I don't like clutter. I just want to be able to add a simple line to the death event saying "turn off self switch A for event X on map Y". How can I do that? :)
  13. Woland

    Checking for tile collision?

    Hey, so this: $gameMap.terrainTag($gameVariables._data[71],$gameVariables._data[72]) == 7 Checks the terrain tag of tile XY (where x = variable 71 and y = variable 71) How do I check the tile's collision? I want to check if the specific tile has a collision or not :)
  14. Woland

    Pushing boulders while holding a grab button?

    Yes, there's like 12 topics on the push and pull puzzles but my question is more about UX than the mechanics. This works well: but it's based on the dialogue choices and that's really meh. I tried something like this: And it ALMOST works. Except it won't let me hold OK and then press Right or...
  15. Woland

    Strengthening a potion?

    I'd like an event to permanently make my potions stronger. From restoring X hp to X+1 hp or something. Is there a clever JS for it or do I have to do the messy thing with swapping the potions for a different item?
  16. Woland

    Checking for weapon in the inventory

    I'm using Hime's hidden choice conditions and I would like some choices to only be available once certain weapons are in player's posession. The plugin command looks like this: What's the javascript for checking if the player has a weapon in their inventory? I need it to detect the weapon...
  17. Woland

    Changing weapon's name and description

    What JS line would I use to change the name and description of a weapon displayed in menus? From "Sword" to "Sword+1" for example.
  18. Woland

    Yanfly's Footsteps Plugin problem

    The plugin works great except for when I move the player in a cutscene - the player character has no footsteps sound. The player character makes footstep sounds when I control him. Other events make footstep sounds when I set their movement routes. Player character doesn't make footstep sounds...
  19. Woland

    Directional collisions?

    Is there a way to make a tile acciessible depending on the players direction, without eventing? I know how to do that with events but doing that for a whole big map seems like pain in the ass. There must be some plugin that lets me set regions that detect from which directions a certain tile is...
  20. Woland

    Call out the character stats values

    How do I check what the character stat value is? Like Harold's Strength value for example. Can't seem to find it in the conditional branch options. Thanks in advance!

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