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  1. Kalombi

    MZ Deployment to Google Play - Android Studio

    Hi, 1 - I deployed my game to Web option. It works. 2 - I copied the deployed files into the Android Studio AltimitSystems project according to the Deploy to Android Tutorial 3 - The project does not run because there is no Module in the Run Debug Configurations page. I do not have a Module...
  2. Kalombi

    RMMZ Script for Plugin Command

    Thanks! Very helpful.
  3. Kalombi

    RMMZ Script for Plugin Command

    Here is the plugin I am using:
  4. Kalombi

    RMMZ Script for Plugin Command

    Hello, Can anyone provide the script for a plugin command? For example: I would like to put in a SCRIPT the plugin commands.
  5. Kalombi

    RMMZ Hud Maker Ultra Pro - Code for a variable picture name

    I am trying to load a picture based on the variable results. Variable 1 = "img/picture/MyPicture.png" What is the code so the HUD maker sees the right file to load?
  6. Kalombi

    RMMZ HUD Maker – MZ Plugin variable conditionals

    Hi, I am using HUD Maker Ultra Pro and I am trying to figure out the code. In the animation area, under Activation Type, I need code that would activate the animation if a switch is on. The switch number is a variable. Activate if switch (# = variable 1) is true.
  7. Kalombi

    How to get a working Mac deployed Game to Work in Xcode

    It is also used to upload MAC OS apps to the App store. In addition it is used to create certificates for distribution.
  8. Kalombi

    How to get a working Mac deployed Game to Work in Xcode

    No, I would like to Mac OS. There is a good guide for ios here: I am looking for a MAC Deployment to work on Xcode
  9. Kalombi

    How to get a working Mac deployed Game to Work in Xcode

    Have you seen any tutorials on how to get a Mac OS to work on Xcode? I have created a Mac app and run it okay on my own Mac. I transferred the game into Xcode and ran it, but I just get a blank window. Does there need to be a modification to the .swift files?
  10. Kalombi

    iOS App creation tutorial for MZ/MV (xcode 12)

    What different steps do you need for a Mac deployment through Xcode?
  11. Kalombi

    Help deploying RPG Maker MZ on Mac via Itch

    Hi @Solar_Flare , thanks for trying the download. The error message comes within the black screen, and says "Error please move the to a different folder". We've tried putting it in different folders/areas of the mac, but same black screen and error message. I will also take @Andar 's...
  12. Kalombi

    Help deploying RPG Maker MZ on Mac via Itch

    Hello, not sure this is the correct forum, but we need help! We have a game deployed for the Mac and it runs. We zipped it in our Mac. To test to see if the zip file was corrupted, we unzipped the original file and it worked. We uploaded that zip file to Itch. We downloaded the zip file from...
  13. Kalombi

    RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    I want to hide the status window in the battler. I could not find the script to manage the scent to hide the status window in the battler. Anyone have a script for that?
  14. Kalombi

    RMMZ Fifefer Island - An Economic Adventure

    Thanks for trying out the game! It's very unconventional for a RPG Maker game, we know. The goal is to teach economics with a novel approach through a video game. There's a lot going on game mechanics wise... And I know it can seem arbitrary sometimes. The main game mechanic are the Tech...
  15. Kalombi

    RMMZ Fifefer Island - An Economic Adventure

    We are very happy to have this available for the community to look at! Hope we can get some critical feedback about game design and player experience. The target demographic is 12-21 year-old students or anyone interested in learning about Economics. Ideally, I see this as a great...
  16. Kalombi

    RMMZ Fifefer Island - An Economic Adventure

    In the mysterious world of Fifefer Island, players are transported to a place of economic adventure. To survive and thrive, learn new educational concepts and expand your abilities with a branching Tech Tree. A diverse host of characters and a variety of places to explore enriches each chapter...
  17. Kalombi

    Eli Picture Sub Folder - Can show pictures inside subfolders made in the default picture folder!

    Thanks for creating this Plugin. We are doing voice overs so have lots of .ogg files in the SE folder. Can we use this to create subfolders and call up sound effects?
  18. Kalombi

    Time to thank our interns

    Thank you PandaDance! You can check out our current version at What Edu-game are you working on? Or what are you trying to teach the player?

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