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    Awaiting Deletion from Moderator
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    Topic Awaiting Deletion
  3. Khas Awesome Lights Script Bitmap Error Message Help

    I sometimes get a error message when I reload my game after saving in a room with lights on. If anyone knows how to prevent this, I'l really appreciate learning how to correct it! Here's the error message, thanks :  
  4. Change Module Vocab Terms (Simple Script Request)

    I am requesting a simple RGSS3 script that changes the following : When I use an item, the "MP" recovery term pops up instead of the "PP" term that I intended and "TP" instead of "SP" as I intended (see both screenshots below for a better example).  If anyone would be willing to create a...
  5. Change MP and TP Module Vocab Terms?

    I have changed database terms in my project, MP is now PP and TP is now SP. While my characters are fighting monsters in battle and they use a recovery item that recovers PP or SP, it will still display as MP and TP after usage. I'm aware that the script settings Vocab control the settings on...
  6. Switch activate after menu closes?

    I would like to request a simple RGSS3 script that will activate a switch after the item/skill/equipment/save menu closes in game. I made a visual equip feature in the common events but only need it to update my character sprites after the menu closes. Any help would be great, I'd even be...
  7. Harvest Moon Style Event Based Time System Tutorial

          This is a tutorial for people who want a easy and flexible non-scripted time system based off of “Harvest Moon” for the Super Nintendo. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to make your own time based system using events, resources and my custom eventing methods. Resources and...
  8. Will console gaming slowly get replaced by PC gaming?

    There has been Rumors that Microsoft and Sony will release a game streaming service in the future for PC's similar to Steam's streaming service. Do you guys think consoles will become less popular than PC's in the future if the Xbox and Playstation library was available via a streaming service...
  9. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Corner

    I watched play through's of this game on Youtube and decided to buy it. I loved the concept of the story behind it and game mechanics. The game doesn't look scary when your watching someone else play it... But when you try it yourself on a 50" screen tv with the lights off with sound on full...
  10. Mailbox sprite addon for "Old School Modern" resource pack.

    I really liked the "Old School Modern" resource pack and want to start making little addons for it. I made a simple animated mailbox sprite using the color palette from the "Old School Modern" resource pack so it would match everything on the tileset. Feel free to use this resource in your...
  11. Your favorite outdated game?

    What's your favorite outdated video game that you still enjoy playing today? One of my favorites is "R.C. Pro-Am" for the NES. Another of my favorite outdated games is "The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind" for the PC because there is a huge unofficial modding community that is devoted to creating...
  12. Does anyone know where to find a audio resource pack for RPG projects?

    Does anyone know where to find a audio resource pack for RPG projects? I'm looking for a audio pack containing sounds with a 16 bit retro sound like "EarthBound - Mother 2", thanks for any information.
  13. In your opinion, what are the best games coming out in 2014?

    What are the best games coming out in 2014 in your opinion? Games can be last generation console, next generation console, for personal computer or it can be an indie game featured on Steam/PSN/Xbox Live or maybe even and indie game featured on this site. Here is my list : 1.) Halo : The...
  14. Ebola, what are your thoughts/concerns?

    Ebola is a disease causing some serious issues in the world right now, it was first spotted in 1967 in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which at the time sickened more than 600 people, according to the World Health Organization. It is thought that the Ebola virus came from a type of...
  15. Online multiplayer in RMVXAce, is it possible?

    So say two people wanted to fight each other online or do a coop quest in identical RPG Maker VX Ace projects on two separate computers. Is it possible through scripting or the use of an extra .dll file to implement such a feature? The reason I ask this question is because I want to have these...
  16. What is your favorite character in Chrono Trigger?

    If you had to pick just one character, what character in Chrono Trigger would you pick as your favorite? My favorite character was Magus as he was unique being that he could use more than one elemental magic attack and had an interesting conflict with humanity and frog. I also like how Magus...
  17. "EarthBound Style Engine 0.6" (reupdated 1/9/2015) Team Recruitment

    I have started an "EarthBound Style Engine" which replicates core features found in "EarthBound - Mother 2" using RPG Maker VX Ace. Edit : This Engine has been updated to 0.6 as of 1/9/2015 - Enemies will now halt when a battle is initiating - Turned the hue down on all swirl animations -...
  18. What is your favorite scientific theory?

    I'll start this off buy saying that I have four favorite theories and one of these recently blew my mind away. 1.)  The Big Bang Theory : The universe is expanding from a center point where all the matter in the universe came into existence. 2.) The Multiverse Theory : Two or more bubble...
  19. Do you think Nasa will discover alien life on Europa, Jupiter's moon?

    With oceans gushing large amounts of water on a frozen surface, Europa is a top candidate to find extraterrestrial life in our solar system. Do you think Nasa's humanoid robot Valkerie will find aquatic alien life on Europa, Jupiter's moon? Valkerie is set to survey Europa in 2026. As of now...
  20. Can you prove or disprove the existence of the soul or spirit?

    (Warning : Do not post anything about religion, it is against the forum rules! No scriptures or religious references will be tolerated under any circumstances! You've been warned!) Can you prove or disprove the existence of the soul or spirit? A question that has gone without a valid answer...

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