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  1. Timed Button Presses

    Something I haven't seen mentioned that is crucial I think is a port of Galv's timed button presses or a new code altogether. Combat is so boring without it! I might work on it myself but I've got a long way to go with learning javascript. There's a few other things I'd like related to it...
  2. Sleek Gauges

    Still seems broken with Yanfly's Battle Engine even with all available fixes. Is there any solution for this? To be precise, any time you're in the item screen/targeting a party member it permanently creates that extra set of bars. The problem doesn't occur without your extra patch script...
  3. Custom++ Title [beta]

    Definitely doesn't seem to be that simple, since doing that doesn't change the title screen from the default like the video showed. Edit: Probably because you need the scripts Dax Core and Scene_Title Plus in your actual game. If I was smart enough to actually look at the demo project I...
  4. Field Abilities

    If I wanted the throw command to go three spaces instead of two, how would I accomplish that? I've been staring at the code for a bit and can't figure out what defines the movement speed. Jumping was easy to figure out, on the other hand.

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one of the coolest things I've learned from the forums is the ability to give yourself a hitbox. I have a move you can do on the fields. shoulder tackle. thanks to the forums, that tackle triggers self A switches on some events. NPC's and the environment now react to the tackle. awesome.
I really liked how this one turned out! :kaopride:

Character (Yes, this is a character): Nibiru the Primal Being from Yugioh.
Dragon Quest style enemy selection plugin work in progress:


It's a simple targeting system from the NES era. Select an enemy group; single-target skills will target the first enemy in that group.

Somehow that granny topic got me... maybe I can come up with some more thematic stuff :3
Going live for tonight's stream! Kytt isn't feeling 100% tonight so the wifestream will be tomorrow and I'll be playing Final Fantasy XIV for this one instead. Twitch

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