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    RMMV Make "Special" menu option change when abilities can be used?

    Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question or in the wrong spot. My actor has skills that require a certain amount of TP to be used, and they are under "Special". How can I make it so "Special" flashes/changes color or adds some visual indicator when they gain enough TP to use a skill (like 10 if...

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one of the coolest things I've learned from the forums is the ability to give yourself a hitbox. I have a move you can do on the fields. shoulder tackle. thanks to the forums, that tackle triggers self A switches on some events. NPC's and the environment now react to the tackle. awesome.
I really liked how this one turned out! :kaopride:

Character (Yes, this is a character): Nibiru the Primal Being from Yugioh.
Dragon Quest style enemy selection plugin work in progress:


It's a simple targeting system from the NES era. Select an enemy group; single-target skills will target the first enemy in that group.

Somehow that granny topic got me... maybe I can come up with some more thematic stuff :3
Going live for tonight's stream! Kytt isn't feeling 100% tonight so the wifestream will be tomorrow and I'll be playing Final Fantasy XIV for this one instead. Twitch

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