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    Average stats gained from equipment when dual wielding?

    In RPGmaker MV, Im curious if anyone has figured a way to average the stats gained from equipment when dual wielding using yanfly plugins or any other method they may know off. I just can't seem to come up with a viable workaround in my head and can't seem to find much in that department when...
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    Changing upraded Item Price? Eval

    So been playing around with yanfly's item upgrade slots and I can't figure out how to change the price of upgraded items. Found this message on his site mentioning how a eval can change the price. "2015-10-17 at 8:56 AM Potions and such, by default, do not have upgradeable means...
  3. Quickdraws

    State Overlay Control

    State Overlay Control 10.29.2015 By Quickdraws Introduction My first attempt at a plugin in rpgmaker mv just wanted to get a feel for it. This lets your break the State Overlay Limit and control some of the parameters associated with it. Image: Params: Animation Frame Width + Height...
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    Break SV State Overlay Limit

    Curious if anyone is considering doing this I didn't see any request for this specifically in the forums. Best I can tell you can only have the 10 slots for state overlays that they allowed. This very low would love to have a plugin that allows the user to employ as many sv overlay animations...
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    Slip Damage EX Trouble

    I'm having a small issue with Slip Damage EX v1.05. I'm trying to create a formula that checks an enemies id and then does damage based on that. This is what I have. <U_SLIP_HP_START> [3, 4, 6].include?(b.enemy_id) ? b.hp*0.07 : b.hp*0.1 <U_SLIP_HP_END> The formula works perfectly fine in a...
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    Battle Symphony remove just enemy shadows

    So I've been trying to edit the battle symphony script in order to remove just the enemy battler's shadow sprite and keep the actor's   shadow sprite intact. Since I'm using resized battlers from the rtp instead of small sprite characters the tiny shadow just looks outta place on enemy...

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