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  1. ZedKraze

    Sharp Text [MZ + MV]

    So I tried resizing the font (mine was set to 22), and yes that worked for getting rid of the jaggies and overlapping. 24 seems to be smallest size for this to work. From my testing if you kinda do multiples of 48 (MV tile size) you get pixel perfect, no jaggies, no overlapping pixels. So...
  2. ZedKraze

    Sharp Text [MZ + MV]

    Awesome. Thanks for the tip @cordvid . That worked.The outline is now gone both in dialogue and menus. I should note that code line appears twice in the plugin, and removing the outline only seemed to work if I commented out both lines. Now the outline removal is solved, now I'm noticing the...
  3. ZedKraze

    Sharp Text [MZ + MV]

    Heya thanks for looking into it. I tried putting the code at the end of the plugin and it made no difference. Not sure if I have it in the right location or not.
  4. ZedKraze

    Sharp Text [MZ + MV]

    I currently have Sharp Text under YEP Core Engine, YEP Main Menu Manager and YEP Message Core (but well above Galv's Message Styles) as the plugin said it should be near the top. However it makes no difference if the plugin is right at the top of the plugin order, in the middle or at the...
  5. ZedKraze

    Sharp Text [MZ + MV]

    This is what the dialogue text looks like with the Sharp Text plugin off. There is no outline. This is what the dialogue text looks like with the Sharp Text plugin on. It adds an outline. There's no outline when the Sharp Text plugin is off, so I believe it's related to the Sharp Text plugin...
  6. ZedKraze

    Sharp Text [MZ + MV]

    Heya This plugin is awesome. My text is now sharp, however I can't get rid of the outline on dialogue text. There's no outline on the title screen menu text However there is an outline in the in game menu. Is there a way currently to remove the outline? Just want the flat text like on...

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