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  1. catclaw888

    Change Party Size

    As a question, how do I change the number? I have the DLC in my plugins folder but I may not know what I'm specifically doing, I'm not a big master with the plugins.
  2. catclaw888

    How to start your story?

    For me it depends. I like where maybe a bit of info on the world is given...say "In this world, there are nobles, peasents, and in betweens." and than put the main character in one of those roles, or maybe go "as for me...I'm none of those." and have them be alone in the world, and their...
  3. catclaw888

    Tactics System

    I'm having a problem, for some reason when I play it won't let me attack even with weapons equipped, I've tried every method I know within the plugin to make it work, anyone else got an idea?
  4. catclaw888

    Tactics System

    Oh man I love this, I want to make a Fire emblem style game. I do hope you can get battle formations in soon so that people can choose, maybe a way to make level ups random [like in fire emblem, where you could suddenly gain NO stat but also EXP system, I'll keep a watch but hopefully soon.
  5. catclaw888

    Animated Enemies

    no problem, I just finished my first game and it has animated enemies =3
  6. catclaw888

    Animated Enemies

    Do you have everything correctly set up, even the animated battle packs? If so, when you make an enemy you go into the note section and put <Sideview Battler: X> So one of my character's SV_Battler sprite sheet [the sheet for sideview battles] is filed under Shi. So in order for Shi to appear...
  7. catclaw888

    Sans of undertale sprite

    I so want a papyrus as well, but I am not the best at making him hehe ^^" 
  8. catclaw888

    Sneak Peek: New Tileset + Season Pass DLC 4

    I only use english so there's that. Problem #1 is i'm currently out of a job and looking, so i can't purchase a pass. Either way, once they come out on steam I can just buy the child generator DLC and use it, if I must right?
  9. catclaw888

    Sneak Peek: New Tileset + Season Pass DLC 4

    I purchased it off the official store, I preordered it off there when I first heard about it...this is just wonderful, I wonder if someone knows that i'd do
  10. catclaw888

    Sneak Peek: New Tileset + Season Pass DLC 4

    So say I have MV already, if I purchase off steam I could go into my steam folder or wherever it gets downloaded (I rarely use my steam account, so I may need some clearing up on that part) and just put it in the appropriate files for my game?
  11. catclaw888

    Sneak Peek: New Tileset + Season Pass DLC 4

    Oooohhh, child generator parts! I know I preordered MV when it first came out and so, someone who's more knowledgeable on this. How exactly will i go about purchasing said DLC and stuff?
  12. catclaw888

    MV Video Tutorial - Add Enemy Book (Pokedex-like) to your game

    As a random question, is there a way to set it to where, say you have the book complete you gain an item? 
  13. catclaw888

    yanfly animated SV help

    Ok, so whenever I use yanfly's animated sideview enemy plugin ( I get a message going 'TypeError Undefined is not a function' I'm not sure if it's something I did wrong when setting up the enemy or if I have a plugin that's not...
  14. catclaw888

    Animated Enemies

    Ok so I'm trying to use this and I got my SV actor set up but whenever I test battle it still says "TypeError undefined is not a function" My list of plugins is right here, I am using a set to work the airship but if I turn off animated SV everything works fine. 
  15. catclaw888

    BGM not working?

    Z is the normal attack command. I don't really have anything else mapped to it (or know where I can find and change config, yay noobish me) but as for BGM in every map, I have two maps with different BGM. In one I got '03 wings to the sky' and in the other 'scene7' Well, when I go from the first...
  16. catclaw888

    BGM not working?

    So...Maybe I'm not being smart or something, but whenever I am playing my game, the BGM won't start and it's confusing me. No matter what map it won't start. I pressed Z and it suddenly started...but than that's the music for EVERY map, which isn't what it should be. Does anyone have an idea on...
  17. catclaw888

    Eventing an Airship Interior

    holy crap that's a lot of reading...I'll work on this tomorrow morning after I test everything else.
  18. catclaw888

    Fullereno's Weapon & Armor Stuff

    Always credit! 
  19. catclaw888

    Fullereno's Weapon & Armor Stuff

    May I use this in my game as well? I got a thief who could use this.
  20. catclaw888

    MV Child Generator Parts!

    Now it's all just getting me other two friends to come, create their characters, and working on a script and the whole game in total. 

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