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  1. RMMV Super Dark Souls

    Hey, sorry about that! Seems like google broke all my script links last year or so. I think I have now fixed this one.
  2. Equipment Sets

    Okay ; I think I did it; It's not fancy, but it should work. I'm just going to test it first before I upload.
  3. Equipment Sets

    Yeah, I think I could whip something up for this. I'll go give it a shot
  4. Continuum Snippets

    Added Proximity shake and reformatted original post for new forum layout :)
  5. Shake screen near event?

    Continuum Proximity Shake There ya go :) It's actually standalone; you won't need the other script.
  6. Shake screen near event?

    I could probably write you up an extension for that plugin so you can set the shake up using event notes or comments :) It'll have to wait until tomorrow though.
  7. Shake screen near event?

    Well that would be a little simpler than my previous code, which had the power increase as you get closer, starting at power 1 nine spaces away, and ending at power 9 one space away. I think. I didn't actually test it. Say the event had an id of 002. The following would be the code for your...
  8. Shake screen near event?

    Yes, you could use that plugin. Have the event that you want to cause the shaking be a parallel process event with the following script var x = THIS-EVENT-ID-HERE; if (Proximity.inprox(x,8,false)) { var pow = 0 var spe = SHAKE-SPEED-HERE for (var i = 9; i > 0; --i) { if...
  9. Continuum Empower Plus

    I see where the problem is coming from. I'll look into fixing compatibility later. I'll also add some options for some command names and various other UI bits. The Duration, Power, etc. is however, already modifiable. Simply use whichever terms you'd like when setting up the notetags.
  10. Continuum Queue Battle System

    Oh! I'll have to look into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  11. Continuum Queue Battle System

    Oops, sorry. I fixed that on KranasAngel's version but not the public one. I'll have to update it tomorrow, I'm not at the computer now. It's caused by a typo.
  12. Continuum Queue Battle System

    Pretty much what KranasAngel said, @Naridar. I intend to add more functionality later, though.
  13. Local Multiplayer + Controller Compadibility?

    If I remember correctly, I found a script for doing this back when I was using RPGMaker VX
  14. Disable fullscreen

    I'll try EDIT - Easy-Peasy. Here ya go, @Tuomo L No Full Screen
  15. Continuum Queue Battle System

    Nope, not at all, @Solis. There are a small number of plugin parameters to set. You can change a skill or item's time cost using a simple notetag. You can set up states or equipment that alters a battler's speed in the same way. A handful of new functions are added to the damage formulae, so you...
  16. Adding somethin between action selection and it's execution

    Oops; I forgot the level restriction I'll take a look at improving the UI Yes, the '-' makes the default level become 0. EDIT - Okay, @Nol, I added a plugin parameter so you can set the max mana to the actor's level
  17. Continuum Empower Plus

    Free for use in any project; give credit to continuumg in commercial projects. This plugin allows you to create skills that may be 'empowered' using simple notetags. When one of these skills is selected in battle, the player may enhance it in various ways by spending more mana. Use...
  18. Adding somethin between action selection and it's execution

    Yep; it adds a new window after selecting a skill, as per your original request
  19. Adding somethin between action selection and it's execution

    Anything else should hopefully be fine; the problem is with the way the game engine handles mana costs; It doesn't reference the action, which means that when the player empowers a skill, all their costs are effected until a skill is used, and then the cost modifier is removed entirely. I...
  20. Retaining stats as bonuses on class change

    Yup; I'll get right on it once I finish a plugin for another.

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