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  1. LightningLord2

    Crafting balance: situational traits

    One thing I have decided upon is to make equipment progress focused around crafting more than just buying them or trying to get them as rare drops. While balancing out availability is not that much an issue, a problem would be the access to gear resisting elements or status effects. The thing...
  2. LightningLord2

    Level Scaling

    Yes, I know Yanfly has a really good plugin for making enemies have levels and scale them with the player. Thing is, though, I'm looking for a plugin (or a lunatic code of Yanfly's) that lets me scale the levels of enemies by a different baseline. I'm thinking of reusing some enemies in later...
  3. LightningLord2

    Psychic Polymorph - copy an actor's base stats

    In my RPG, I thought up a rather unique signature skill for Theta, the psychic user - by default, her stats are as low as can be, but in battle, this unique skill - Psychic Polymorph - allows her to copy the base stats (that is, without equipment) of the party leader (or the second party member...
  4. LightningLord2

    Two Yanfly Plugin Requests

    Copypasted from the support forums; These effects use the Counter Control and the Skill Core Plugin, respectively. 1. I want to make a skill that has an active effect of refilling MP and also passively provides the ability to counterattack against burned enemies. While the counter ability...
  5. LightningLord2

    Combo Skill

    I'm currently trying to make a skill that follows up with another under a certain circumstance (in this case, the battler being at over 50% HP) - anyone knows how to fix my eval code? <Post-Damage Eval> if (user.hp > user.mhp/2) { user.forceAction(24,target); } </Post-Damage Eval>
  6. LightningLord2

    Here We Are!

    Yo, I've been active over at RPG Maker Net for a while, having participated quite a bit in discussions and also submitted a variety of articles (and failed to upload a game because of lackluster mapping). I'll be shifting my activity over here because I found the community of that forum to be...

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