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  1. Twisted

    Temper Weapons/Armor +1 +2 +3 cumulative, Stuck

    Hey fellow makers, So heres my issue i want the player to be able to use an item to give a weapon or shield a +1 but i also want this to be cumulative. for example: player has sword, uses "sand" weapon gets +1. Uses another sand weapon is now +2 and so on.... The only way i can think to do it...
  2. Twisted

    Help Plz Variable password = variable items

    Hi folks :P So im looking for a little help as im abit stumped. So i am trying to make it so a player can enter a password/code and receive specific item(s). The code i have so far is this: if ($ == "M") { $gameSwitches.setValue(20, true); } which works fine for...
  3. Twisted

    RMMV Compressed files for Android

    Hello Folks! First of all i really hope this post wont cause my any bother, and just throwing this out there. Admins please don't ban me, if it does cause some issues a reprimand will suffice. Just trying to help.... So deployment to Android has its issues, the first and main...
  4. Twisted

    MV to Android character movement question

    Hey Folks, So i have recently exported 2 games to android, it was quite an easy process i might add. Now once my games have been converted to SDK and installed on my phone they run fine ct but i have noticed something that is plain "bugging me". The controls are touch screen, and...

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