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  1. Shaddow

    Advanced Help with my Move Route/conditional branch

    Okay, Now that Shaz has kindly gotten me to understand the basics of Move Route, I am finding that what I am doing is pretty inefficient and causing a few bugs. I am hoping someone could take a look at what I am doing here and help me out. Within the event itself I have this script if...
  2. Shaddow

    Help Understanding Move Route Script Call

    Hello again, I am learning much about how things work inside RGSS3, but I find that the more I learn the more walls I run into. I am currently trying to figure out how to make move routes work inside a script call. I have seen several places attempt to explain it, but it seems far too...
  3. Shaddow

    Help with Variance in a script call

    Hello again. I am working on a healing command that only heals the active party members. I figure that part out easily enough. $game_party.members[0].hp += 250 + $game_actor[8].mat $game_party.members[1].hp += 250 + $game_actor[8].mat $game_party.members[2].hp += 250 + $game_actor[8].mat...
  4. Shaddow

    Finding a way to shorten an event/script

    So basically I am attempting to make an 'action' combat system, where you smack around your enemy and they smack around you. I have this down pretty well, but the problem is, it is very very very long. I was hoping someone would know of a solution to make this event shorter. Basically I...
  5. Shaddow

    Custom Damage formula without use of stats.

    So I am attempting to make a custom battle system (Action Based) but I am not using levels or stats at all, aside from what comes with the weapons the player finds/makes. What I am looking for is a simple damage formula that does a set amount of damage when hit based on the weapon. I'd like a...
  6. Shaddow

    Turning off Sprint with a script call

    I am creating a common event that provides the player with sprinting stamina, important for the survivor horror style of gameplay I am working with. I have the entire event set up, except for one key detail: I cannot find an eventing way to shut off sprint. I assume this is going to require a...
  7. Shaddow

    I'm here, you no longer have to worry!

    Hey, I'm Shaddow. I've been around the RPG Maker community for a while, but had never actually joined this forum. I felt it was time that I do. So here I am. I dabble in a little bit of everything, and am trying to learn the rest. I'd say my strongest suit is eventing and sprites.

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