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  1. HexMozart88

    RMVXA Chrysalis

    Hello! Welcome to my only finished game that's not related to a game jam (or the One Map Challenge). I'm super proud of how far I've come with this. DISCLAIMER: DO NOT PLAY IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH SENSORY PROCESSING. THIS GAME HAS INTENSE AUDITORY FEEDBACK THAT SENSITIVE EARS MIGHT NOT BE ABLE...
  2. HexMozart88

    Distance Between Followers

    So, I'm perfectly OK with the choo choo train in most cases. Unfortunately, my characters are rather large and the choo choo train looks like the followers are breathing down the MC's neck. How do I remedy this so that the characters are at comfortable distances from each other? Also, if you...
  3. HexMozart88

    Traditional Publishing: Good Companies and Where to Start?

    So, I've been contemplating getting one of my games traditionally published (i.e. contacting a publisher) but I'm not familiar with any of this stuff, so I'm not even sure where to start. Do I have to contact them or do they contact people? Is my game going to get slapped with a massive EULA...
  4. HexMozart88

    RMVXA Not Saving My Files

    Ace has been behaving very weirdly lately. I save something, I specifically remember saving that thing, and then I go back to it and it's in its previous state. This happens a lot with scripts where I'd press OK and then I get errors because I'm referencing a script that's not there. It's...
  5. HexMozart88

    1 Skill per Character

    Got this idea from the engaging battle thread. I don't know which game I'm going to use this for yet, but I'm just curious on what people's thoughts are on having one skill per playable character. You would be able to choose what skill you're going to use before you start battling (maybe from...
  6. HexMozart88

    Some RM Cast Portraits

    Just dumping some character portraits of the cast of different Makers. Please note, I'm only doing the ones with names at the moment (the ones that show up in the database and have character traits, etc.) If you have any requests for which Maker Cast to do next or characters that do not have...
  7. HexMozart88

    Ideas for Minigames

    So in my game, there will be minigames that you can play with NPCs that boost your rep with them. Problem is, I'm having a hard time thinking of ideas for games that you can play against an AI. Should I use existing games, or should I make my own? Does anyone have any ideas, custom or...
  8. HexMozart88

    Make a Character Creation Screen With Events ( And 1 Script)

    I haven't made a tutorial in a while, so here we go. This is for intermediate devs. Don't try to do this if you're a beginner, because you need to have basic knowledge of how events work for this. I'm going to be teaching you how to make a character creation screen similar to this video...
  9. HexMozart88

    ModAlg Composite Characters: Include HSV I'm not sure how hard this would be, but the question itself is pretty straightforward. I would like a way to add Saturation and Value to the script above, and make it able to be called in the already existing script call.
  10. HexMozart88

    RMVXA Mythological Farming Game

    So, I was working with a team a while ago on a game called Cultivation Voyage. It got cancelled due to collaboration problems, but this has been my dream for a long time, so I'm taking it on myself. I'm not using any of the same ideas or characters as before. So here's my new story. Synopsis...
  11. HexMozart88

    Event Spawners and MoveTo commands

    I've been trying to spawn events and have them able to be moved around using Eshra's Spawn Event script. Unfortunately, the issue I'm having is that when I use $[4].moveto($game_player.x, $game_player.y), it completely...
  12. HexMozart88

    Some Input/Button Questions

    Sorry if the title isn't super helpful, there are a couple of questions I have, but they're in the same vein, so I'm using the same post. I'm trying to event an ABS, but at the moment, I'm stuck on the input handling. I've seen a few other people make these systems with events by checking if the...
  13. HexMozart88

    FREE Seeking a Voiceover for Chrysalis

    I'm looking for someone to make a voiceover for my game, Chrysalis. The voice will be telling you what each sound in the game means. I'm looking for something somewhat monotone, but clear. Like this voice. (Doesn't have to be female). Right now I'm doing the voiceover, but I have a lisp and it...
  14. HexMozart88

    Design Mistakes You Can't Stop Making

    I've been curious about this one for a while. What, if any, are some design things in all of your games that playtesters complain about that are consistent from game to game? I'll give an example with my own experience. All of my games end up being too hard with not enough direction for the...
  15. HexMozart88

    FREE Seeking Playtesters for Heidi (2.0)

    So, this game was supposed to be done, but it had a lot of problems, so I've revamped it. Now I need playtesters to play through it and tell me if it's actually decent this time. You'll have to DM me to receive the actual project as this is a commercial project and I don't want the entire forum...
  16. HexMozart88

    How Does One Make a Game Dev YouTube Channel?

    Let me preface this by saying, I don't want "Click the button that says create channel, and start making videos." Any of those people will be shunned for life and sold to the highest bidder. I'm going to be making a game dev channel for my first Unity game, My Dearest. I'd like to make a...
  17. HexMozart88

    RMMV Sync Game to Music

    OK, so I'm aware this is probably really hard to do, but I'm going to try it anyway. There's a function for this in Unity, but I have no idea about MV. Is there any way to get basic features about the background music like when it started, the current point you're at in the song, etc.? If...
  18. HexMozart88

    Mog Damage Popup Colour Change ^Script above. Mog's put all of their scripts into one exe, but I'm not sure if reposting is allowed, so you'll have to download the demo and copy out the damage popup script. What I'm looking for is (hopefully) a quick fix to turn the colour...
  19. HexMozart88

    No Game Over Screens?

    How would you go about executing a game without game over screens? For a couple of the games I'm trying to make, I think game over screen would just look cheesy, but what I'm trying to avoid is "wait what? I... guess I lost?" So how would you communicate to the player that they lost without a...
  20. HexMozart88

    [One Map Game Challenge] Heidi

    Hello and welcome to Heidi ver. 1.0! This was made in Ace for the One Map Game Challenge. Price: $9.99 Link: The demo is also present on that page.

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