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  1. Omar

    Title Screen+

    Searching through the master plugin I have noticed several plugins which alter the title screen, yet none of them seem to create the title screen I desire.  When you start the the RPG Maker MV, the game would start by playing either the selected .mp4 or .webm video. After the video finishes...
  2. Omar

    [RMMV] Tileset Passable tiles

    I imported some of my titles, built my scene. Sat back and enjoyed the beautiful artwork. Then it came time to do the task of marking all the tiles as passable or not. So I opened up system, go to passage, and mark everything 0 or X for tile A (B-E there are some bushes, trees, fences and so...
  3. Omar

    [MV] Medieval Bundle Sprite Sheet

    I purchased the Medieval bundle and have slowly began to make the NPCs to populate my game. As I do so I run into the dreaded problem of one character on each sheet. Getting them to load up is no problem I just put $ before the sheet name and they run. For better organization and saving some...
  4. Omar

    More Title Screen Help

    I am looking to edit the title screen. I would like to change New Game to New Story. What I know: Line 5740 in rpg_windows.js seems to call the the function for New Game, however I do not know where that function is, or how to locate the function so I may change the text display to New Story...
  5. Omar

    Title Screen Help

    I could not find the json which contained the code for the menu on the start screen. The Menu Which Displays: New Game Continue Options My hope is to be able to find that one so I can remove continue, add in a Credits (displaying a list of credits of who worked on the game) along with an...
  6. Omar

    Control Switch Issue

    I am having a fairly basic problem. 1) I turn a control switch on after the player takes an action. 2) In a different event on page one the control switch is on (then the event is supposed to do its thing)  page two there is no condition for the switch. The results is on some sections of the...
  7. Omar

    Help Request: Modifying a Game Published to the Web

    I purchased MV and one of the features I am most excited about is publishing the game to the web. The install is simple enough, just dropping my public folder to the web. I made myself a quick little demo simply to cheer and motivate myself into finishing my game. Plus it was a nice way to do a...

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