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  1. Yanfly Shop Core "direct buy" ?

    Hi there, I'd like to get directly to the Buy window of the Yanfly Shop Core. Do you know how I can achieve this ? Thanks in advance for your help !
  2. Set EXP to a specific value

    Hi there, I'm trying to set EXP to a specific value, but I can't find the exact name of the variable. I managed to do it with gold, but how to do it with EXP ? Thanks in advance for your help ! Seb.
  3. Random array from given array

    Hi there, Hope to be in the right forum, please excuse me if I am not... Also sorry if my title is not very clear, but I don't know how to tell : Let's say I have a given array : [a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,...........x,y,z] I need from this a new random array with a given number of values, let's...
  4. PV style medieval tiles ?

    Hi there, I'm looking for tilesets matching with PV Medieval packs, especially for interiors. I already bought many of them, but if anybody knows where to find additional ones, that would be great ! Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Need advice for parallax mapping

    Hi there, Quite new to RMMV, I used BindPicture ToMap plugin for parallax mapping. This one was very good as it allows to use background BELOW tileset, and thus allows to mix parallax and tilesets. Unfortunately, I installed battle cards plugin, and BindPicturesToMap is not compatible with it...

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Unfortunately, while trying to run an app I needed (curse you, Adobe!), my laptop blacked out, so my data got wiped when I got it repaired. Stuff like facesets are saved in my drive, but my sprites now only exist as screenshots I've taken in the past :kaocry:To be fair, I'm a little relieved, since I've been feeling unsatisfied with the visual style of the character sprites, and I guess I can now revamp them?

after lot's of edits to Mike's attacks (to make it seamless with movement, no EX versions, cost 1-ups), I finally got combo skills to work. had to do a lot moving tho to get the combo list to appear where it is lol. that actually took longer than setting up the moves.
What's kind of amazing is I've been in a developmental rut for the LONGEST time but putting a music mix on of video game soundtracks and specifically hearing the VX Ace music come up and it's nostalgia of me being excited to make my first game has REALLY got me going again!
Finally finished my tiefling!

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