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  1. nkuroo

    [help] Adding exp meter to moghunter menu scene

    Hello everyone. I was modifying moghunter menu scene plugin . How can i add exp meter like pokemon game? Is it the same as HP METER but with different kind of term and variable? I try to do it myself but the exp meter wont show up. Reference for the plugin that i use...
  2. nkuroo

    I need help with moghunter menu plugin

    I m trying to edit the plugin but cant figure it out... I m trying to lineup the command button horizontally and fixing the overlap actor image
  3. nkuroo

    Image transparency[MV]

    hello, i'm making picture showing from common event how do i make the image transparent when my actor walk below that image thank you
  4. nkuroo

    How to restrict User from removing equipment?

    Hello, how can i make the actor restrict from removing all equipment until certain condition
  5. nkuroo

    Looking for Swimming Pool Tileset

    Hi guys i m looking for the swimming pool tileset for rpg maker mv

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