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  1. SaburoX

    [Ace] Multiple hit damage formulas?

    Hopefully I'm asking this in the right place: Let's say I have a skill like Double Attack, where the user attacks an enemy twice. Is there way to write a damage formula so that the hits do different amounts of damage? Like, for example, the second attack would be for double damage or be a...
  2. SaburoX

    RMMV Region Event Triggers (GRB) Type Error

    Hi. I'm trying to get this Region Event Triggers plugin working but on startup I'm confronted with an error that reads: TypeError Cannot read property 'pages' of null I thought it might be a conflict with another plugin in my project, but I tried turning everything else off and even put it in a...
  3. SaburoX

    RMMV Cross Engine, Altimit Movement, and Pick up and Throw compatibility?

    I've been tinkering with Restart's Cross Engine (Itself a combination of Moghunter's Chrono Engine and Altimit Movement). The package includes Moghunter's Pick up and Throw plugin which, as the name implies, allows you to pick up and throw events, but there seems to be a conflict with Altimit...
  4. SaburoX

    Damage Formula for Actor Only? [Solved]

    I want to set it up so that an actor (actor 3) draws from their MAT rather than ATK for their normal attack. I figured the formula that works for this is: == 3 ? a.mat * 4 - b.def * 2 : a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 My question is this: Am I correct in thinking think that this formula, as...
  5. SaburoX

    EX Parameter Growth Effect

    By default, VX Ace allows you to create skills or items with an effect that grows one of the eight "Basic" parameters (atk, def, mat, etc.) So my question is this: Is there any script that allows for items or skills to permanently grow the EX (or SP) parameters? I've looked and can't find...
  6. SaburoX

    [VXACE] How do I check troop composition?

    A script I'm using gives features conditions based on script formulas, and I want to make a condition that only applies when the enemy troop contains a specific enemy or enemies. I thought it might be something like '$game_troop.include?[x]' but I want to make sure I have it right.
  7. SaburoX

    Forcing a conditional miss.

    I'm looking for a script that will allow me to force a skill to miss based on conditions. The scenario I have in mind is that a character has a suplex skill, sort of like Sabin in FF6, but it doesn't work on flying enemies. I figure I can make those enemies distinct by using a state or Hime's...
  8. SaburoX

    Critical Vulnerability Script

    I have a state, Frozen. In addition to making the actor unable to act, I want to make it so that a critical hit multiplier is placed (as freezing something makes it brittle.) So essentially, a target that suffers from this state has a much higher likelihood of receiving critical damage from...
  9. SaburoX

    Questions about Criticals

    I'm trying to set up how critical attacks work in my game and I need a couple clarifications. Does an actor/enemy need to have a CRI feature above 0 in order to be capable of landing critical hits at all? How exactly does critical evasion work? If I make a state that sets critical evasion to...
  10. SaburoX

    Custom Info Window script

    I'm looking for a script that will call up a scene with text and that I've defined. Ideally with support for titles, icons and text codes, maybe even pictures, but that's probably not a huge necessity. Basically, I've got a casino in my project and want to have the "how to play" rules for each...
  11. SaburoX

    Sideways Stairs Passage Settings

    What are the proper passability settings for sideways stairs? I'm trying to construct a map using the side view stairs from Ancient Dungeons and I'm using FenixFyreX's stairs movement script to automate the diagonal movement but I think the problem I'm having with setting up the passability...
  12. SaburoX

    Parameter Slip States

    I feel like this might already exist and I'm just not using the right search terms to find it. I had an idea for a script that would let you create states that, instead of working on HP or MP or TP generation, are applied to the basic other parameters like Attack or Defense or Luck. So you...
  13. SaburoX

    Calling a specific scene index?

    I know I can load a scene in VX Ace with the script call So my question is, how do you call a scene but jump to a specific index or category, or otherwise automate moving in that scene? I'm trying to put together a tutorial sequence, and I can load Scene_Item. That'll load...
  14. SaburoX

    Retaining Direction Across Event Pages

    The scenario I'm trying to create is this: the player fires an arrow, which is on an event page set to through. When it hits a target event (event to event collision being handled by a script) its self switch A is triggered, so that it's no longer intangible. However, the direction the arrow...
  15. SaburoX

    [vxace] Scene Interpreter Pausing Windows

    I'm trying to make a tutorial for my game, and since I was already using Tsukihime's Scene Interpreter, I figured it could be used for this purpose. According to this update to Scene Interpreter, I should be able to use a script call pause_windows so that during this tutorial common event I can...
  16. SaburoX

    Setting event graphics on dynamic party order

    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to give a placeholder event the graphics of specific party members so that cut scene are more dynamic. I know that I can use set_graphic($game_actors[x].character_name, $game_actors[x].character_index) for example to give the placeholder event the...
  17. SaburoX

    Yanfly System Options Global Volume?

    Hi everyone. I'm using Yanfly's System Options in my project (with a couple additions to afford the player a full screen option that should not be affecting this). I've noticed a problem with the volume control; namely that it's not universal. Any script that itself calls a sound effect or other...
  18. SaburoX

    Global Text Code resizing.

    Hi all. I'm using Modern Algebra's Global Text Codes in my project in order to get actor names in the map's 'Display Name' field (and potentially in some other areas). However it's got the unfortunate side effect of overwriting the features of Ace's draw_text that will resize text that's too big...
  19. SaburoX

    Tex Codes in Map Display Name

    Please forgive me if this is a very entry level question (I did try searching for an answer to this to no avail) but is there a way to use actor (and other text codes) in a Map's Display Name? Like, for example, if I want a map called "Eric's House", I can't just put "\n[1]'s House" in the...
  20. SaburoX

    Force Action After State

    The scenario I'm trying to create is to have a character with a skill that applies a state that buffs their stats and does some other perks for five turns.  When the state is lifted, a debuffing animation plays on them and they're brought down to 1hp. Sort of like the kind of "deadly upgrade"...

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