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  1. jporter917

    Standard Generator Parts

    Hello! I bought the beast-men DLC through steam and downloaded it. I was reading the special instructions on this site as it downloaded and installed. I lost my standard SV_body_p01 and etc images. Is there anywhere I can find the standard images? Whenever I reinstall RPG Maker it installs the...
  2. jporter917

    Change the position of Yanfly's Action Sequence display

    Is there any way to change the position, in the battle scene, of battle log/action name display window?
  3. jporter917

    VE Battle Command Window icons

    I am using VE battle command window and I can figure out how to put graphic icons in front of each command. I am not sure what I am missing.
  4. jporter917

    Comission Work

    Are there any artist that make tilesets that work comissions? I am looking to hire/buy some custom sets. $$$
  5. jporter917

    Train skills over time

    Looking for some advice. I am wanting to incorporate a system where an Actor will use a skill book to gain a skill. What would be the best option to accomplish this? I know there are some good plugins out there, but I am having trouble accomplishing the task. Skill - You will use a skill book...
  6. jporter917

    Victor's Target Arrow Error

    I am using Victor's Target Arrow and I am getting a error I can't seem to figure out. If anyone can help, I am getting an error when entering combat. I linked an image of the error and included the line of code giving the error. Anyone got any ideas?  Current script list is in my sig.  369 -  ...
  7. jporter917

    Sprite Request

    I am looking for someone to create four Sprite sheets for me based on the characters I attached to this post. I am using tall sprites like the one I, also, attached to this post. If anyone is will help to it would be greatly appericated.  - -
  8. jporter917

    Simple Turn Indicator

    I am looking for help with a simple turn indicator for battle scenes. I am not wanting anything too fancy, I hope, just a small text box in the top center of the battle scene which displays the character's name whoes turn it is. I made a mock up to help with my idea. If anyone could help that...
  9. jporter917

    Enemy Battle HP Script

    I am trying to find a script that will show the Enemies HP during combat in the top left corner of the screen. I can't seem to locate a script already created. I don't want anything to "fancy" a simpy HUD or graphic and then just the display of the HP. I found a picture which I have included...
  10. jporter917

    Yanfly Engine Ace - Active Chain Skills v1.01

    I am using Yanfly Active Chain Skill script and I am in need of some help with a few edits. I want to change how the chain system work slightly, I can't seem to change the input key to active a chain; as well I am wanting to add a graphic indicting which key to press for input, successful and...
  11. jporter917

    Ziife's Spin Menu, help?!

    I am using Zife's Spin Menu and I have run into a snag and can't seem to get past the issue. I am attempting to move the Menu from the bottom right or the screen to the top right of the screen. I managed to move the Battle Menu from the bottom to the top, but if I attempt to move the Actor Menu...
  12. jporter917

    Custom HUD

    I am looking for a Custom Side Battle HUD. I included a image, which I quickly threw together. So when the battle opens up the player is asked to fight or run. Simple enough. During fight the "active" character is displayed larger than the rest and those awating their turn are put under the...
  13. jporter917

    Battle System Modification (LinkShot System)

    LinkShot System I am using Victor Saint's Animated Battles and Animated Battlers. I have a good understand of the script and how to import battles and make them work. However, I am wanting to change up combat a bit. What I am looking for is to remove "Special" from combat; characters can simply...

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