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  1. Music Maker for commercial use?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a music maker like musicshake, just for commercial use. I've been working with musicshake for a while now but I wanna make my first commercial game, but in the terms of musicshake is stated that I'm not allowed to use my music in any commercial purpose. I hope you can...
  2. What music is allowed

    Hey, I'm trying to choose a song for the credits of my game, and I chose "Warriors" froom Imagine Dragons. . But now I'm not sure wether it's even legal for me to use this, the game is a free game, and as far as I understood the things I read it should be ok as long as I credit them. I hope you...
  3. Invisible wall

    Hey, I was just wondering if there is a method to make invisible walls (The character wants to walk on a usually passable tile, but now it made unpassible). Looking forward to answers, MRColourblock.
  4. Galv's Character Effects: Mirror on bigger Rooms

    Hey Guys, I just started mkaing a game called Rorrim and, as you might have already guessed, it contains a lot of mirrors. I'm using Galv's Character Effects for the mirror and it worked fine, till I made a bigger Room than 17x13. The problem is that the Parallax is moving so it looks the the...
  5. Battlers request

    Hey, first I hope this belongs in here :) and second: I'm looking for some remakes of the original battlers because I don't really loke some of the original ones (like the snake), also they have to be free for commercial games, I really hope you can help me, MRColourblock.
  6. Moghunters weather effects won't show up

    Hey guys, I downloaded moghunters script for weather effect (, I actually copy/pasted it directly from the master demo. But when I start the game, there is no effect, I checked the pictures location and made sure to use the right command...
  7. Busts/Portraits for actor 5

    Hey guys, some time ago I downloaded Busts for my game but now I noticed that the portraits for the actor 5 collection are missing. Now I'm looking for these busts for my (commercial) Game. hope you guys can help me, MRColourblock
  8. How do I change several tiles at ones

    Hi everyone, I just tried to make a portal (3x2 tiles), but I don't know how to make all tiles change at once, since it's not a graphic for an event. Hope you guys can help me, MRColourblock
  9. Modern algebras quest log syntaxerror

    Hey, I was using Modern Algebras Quest log script, but suddenly I got his message when starting playtest: Script 'modern algebras quest script' line 838:SyntaxError occured. unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting ']'     q[:common_event_id] = 0 The strange thing is, that it was working before...
  10. Quest log for commercial

    Hey, I can't script (But I'm good at making art/sprites :D ), so I wanted to ask for a script that adds a quest log, it should be a simple one, I need the script for a commercial project. Hope you guys can help me, MRColourblock :)
  11. Moghunters animated title

    Hey, I'm currently looking for a script for animated titles and found moghunters for vx ace, but it's spanish I think (sorry if I'm wrong), now I wanted to know if there is a translated version. If not could you recommend another script that can be used in commercial games? MRColourblock
  12. Title screen help

    Hey guys, (I hope this thread belongs in here) I just wanted to create a titlescreen by my self but (I have no idea how to start >_>  . I'm using Gimp ) but thats something different. I saw some cool title screens with fonts that looked way better than the original one(probably a script), so...
  13. Light prblem

    Hey, I finally figured out how to make rooms with light that comes from windows etc. (I'm using Gimp to make images)  but my problem is that I only used the default size for rooms yet. Now I want to make a bigger room but the imagine moves with me, what means the lght moves away from the windows...
  14. Entering an area problem

    Hey, I'm currently making a wordmap and want specific enemies to spawn in the forest, so I marked all the forest tiles with a "7"-area and set the enemy only to spawn in that area. So far so good but when I enter the area it triggers a common event I made for a detailed item description. Can...
  15. Iconset

    Hey, it's me again. :) It feels like I'm requesting way to much. :|   This time I'm looking for an Itemset that contain some armor, weapons and basic items like potions. I already found one ( ) but it's way too big and contains...
  16. Looking for Busts/Portaits

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for some Portraits/Busts for my Game, I already found some, but I'm still missing alot like the Evil-8 one, I also need to mention that the busts may be used in a commercial game. I really hope you can help me, MRColourblock. :)
  17. Looking for some stuff

    Hey Guys, I'm currently looking for some good music for a game. I need instrumental music of any kind, also I need a good song for the credits (the credits song can contain singing.) I also need a good title screen, it should contain a big dark castle with the people I attached to this post. Of...

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