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  1. microck

    Mouse doesn't work in-game

    Hello ! Some of my players (not all players) can't use the mouse (click on screen does nothing :/). I use this simple script call in an event for enable the mouse: Just in case, this is the script I use for enabling / disabling the mouse Why some players can't use the mouse while other...
  2. microck

    Brightness option ?

    Hey ! Is it possible to adjust the brightness (with shader or whatever) ? I don't want to use pictures overlay, hue RM MV option or plugin like Khas lightning (performances issues).
  3. microck

    Conditionnal branches with audio volume

    Hello everybody ! I need help for a little thing. What I want to do is showing a picture on certain audio volume. for example: if bgm volume = 50; then "show picture 2" I tried this in conditionnal branches: if script: AudioManager.bgmVolume = 50 then: Show picture 2 if not: Show picture 1 The...
  4. microck

    Reset switchs and variables

    Hello ! Is it possible to set all switchs to off and reset variables to zero easily (like a script call...) ?
  5. microck

    Check if player facing an event

    Hello ! So basically I search in the conditional branch a way to tell that: "if player facing an event". Any solution (script or not) ? :)
  6. microck

    Move the mouse with controller

    Hello ! So we can play my game with keyboard + mouse or a controller. The problem is that if the player use a controller, he still need to use the mouse. Is it possible to use the right analog stick on a controller to move the mouse cursor ?
  7. microck

    [RM MV]Pictures Issues

    Hello I've problems with "show pictures"... For example: Picture A: the character open the mouth, Picture B: the character close the eyes. So I use "show picture number 32" open mouth, waiting 20 frames, and then "show picture number 32" close the eyes. Problem: The picture 32 disappear...

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