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  1. remainderstudios

    Mouse click on images to trigger common event - VX ACE

    Hello good day. i am using the falcao mouse button script to use the mouse in my game. There are some menus of my game that I show through images and to scroll through the pages you must use the arrow keys (<- ->) and this is somewhat uncomfortable. Is there any way to execute a common event...
  2. remainderstudios

    storage boxes (move from inventory to box) - vx ace

    hello. I am using the storage boxes script by imp. everything works fine but there is something that I don't like, and it is the following: When you open a chest or closet , your inventory is shown on the left and the box on the right. to move between the box and the inventory (vice versa)...
  3. remainderstudios

    Equip option (inventory script)

    Hello. I am using Theo limited inventory script for my project. (vx ace) Theo limited inventory I want to know if it is possible to add an option to equip the item or weapon from the inventory. I am using falcao pearl abs script and it allows you to use a key to open a window and there you...
  4. remainderstudios

    show state icons names (Falcao Pearl ABS) script

    Hello. I am using the Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid script (RPG Maker VX Ace) and it works great but when the character acquires a state (poison, blindness, confusion, etc) the icon is displayed on the left of the screen but the name of that state is not displayed. is there a way to display the name...
  5. remainderstudios

    [vx ace] Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid - shows number of arrows

    Hello, i am using Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid script on RPG Maker VX Ace. there is a small bug in this script. You equip the bow, and the number of arrows you have in your inventory appears in the skill bar below (all good). (see picture) but when you equipping another weapon, the number of...
  6. remainderstudios

    [Vx Ace] Prevent the player from going through walls when jumping

    I have a small engine that allows you to jump back using the "jump" command. if the player looking right, jump -1 X + 0 Y (jump back) and so on with the other directions. the problem is that the player goes through the walls. I already tried blocking the walls with the Yanfly Engine Ace -...
  7. remainderstudios

    Hunger and Thirst script error (VX ACE)

    Hi how are things. I am using the hunger and thrist script from ForeverZer0 and LiTTleDRAgo and it happens that it does not allow to use the command "add members to group" With this script, if in an event I use that command to add other members to the party, I get this error in "hunger hud"...
  8. remainderstudios

    Strange bug with save files and new game

    I just spotted a very serious and rare bug in rpg maker vx ace. Bring attention. - I start a new game - I go to a map X (An empty house for example), I create an object from a template (Spawn events). - I put the object on the ground. - I save the game - Without exiting the game, I go to the...
  9. remainderstudios

    Mouse Sensitivity

    hi i'm using falcao's mouse script (VX ACE) and the cursor is hiding on the right and bottom of the screen but not top and left. that is something very annoying. But I think one way to make the player not hide the cursor easily is by decreasing the mouse sensitivity. Is there any script for...
  10. remainderstudios

    Lag and parallel process

    which is less efficient? have 4 common events with 10 lines each and parallel process? or 1 common event with 40 lines and parallel process? Thank you.
  11. remainderstudios

    Show text by script (without message box)

    how to display text on screen without using message box? but anywhere on the screen. The problem with message boxes is that it only limits you to showing text above, in the middle and below the screen and you must press Enter to continue the event process. Is there a way to display a text...
  12. remainderstudios

    RMMZ fog Plugin doesn't work for me

    does not work for me, help me please. Plugin of gabe: I follow each of his steps on youtube tutorial, the picture fog is 816x624 png but when I start the game, it does not show the fog, What am I doing wrong? thanks.
  13. remainderstudios

    RMMZ light effect script?

    is there any lighting script to rpg maker mz?
  14. remainderstudios

    change opacity message box and choices

    Hi everyone. I am using a script that allows to change the opacity of the message boxes so it doesn't look dark when player is on a dark map that uses shadows and highlights. example: I use Khas Awesome Light Effects. Script to change opacity of message box (window skin)...
  15. remainderstudios

    show hud under message box

    Hi. i am using this script: this script allows showing several bars on the map. I want to show a xp bar at the bottom of the screen (purple bar), because I already have others at the top. What happens is that this bar is visible at all times and...
  16. remainderstudios

    games with theft system

    is there a rpg maker game that has theft system? That you can rob stores or rob npc's? we would like to play it.
  17. remainderstudios

    Only Money Bank Script

    Hi all. I'm using Galv's Item - Bank & Item Storage Script and but I would like it to only be a money bank, not items. Could someone edit this script please? Thank you.
  18. remainderstudios

    help with "item thefts" script

    Hello. help, i'm trying to put a locker that can be stolen in my game but i can't. I used "Storage boxes" script from IMP1. Link: put i don't know which exact script call should I put in the box so that the countdown...
  19. remainderstudios

    lose item by script call? VX ACE

    Hi all. I was looking for a script for the player to lose an item randomly when an event occurs but I can't find the script call. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you
  20. remainderstudios

    Victor Script Footstep problem

    I am using victor script to play sounds when character walks. the problem is that the enemies also reproduce those sounds (events with battles in real time). The tag "<no step sound>" does not work for enemies (other events). Script: can anybody help me? Thanks.

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