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  1. user3k

    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    Hello @OcRam After some tests, I changed the offset value to 400 and it worked. This is something that is 'default' in the plugin? I dont know if is because I copied the plugin from the demo, and the problems affect only me, but I think this options should be default (color #ffffffff and x...
  2. user3k

    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    I've changed the plugin settings 'other settings -> battle/player data -> color' and changed to #ffffffff and it worked, thank you. But in the battle, the 'cone' of the light appear wrong, showing herself in the middle of the screen. How can i solve, so that they appear in the middle of the...
  3. user3k

    OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    Hello @OcRam In my project, the chars turn up yellow, but in your demo they are normal. I updated the libs folder with my project folder (I made a new project), and in your project the chars turned yellow. How to solve? tnks
  4. user3k

    Medieval Tiles (MV - In Progress)

    +1 I am also awaiting the package with the monsters. We need battles!  :D
  5. user3k

    Product Release: Fantasy & Medieval

    I was eagerly waiting for the Medieval Town Bundle pack, with them I can create the perfect scenario for my rpg... I can imagine and then transform my imagination into reality. They remind me a lot of D&D, and the vast, complex and rich world of Forgotten.
  6. user3k

    ~ Ækashics Librarium ~ | Animated & Static Battlers |

    Awesome. I'm looking forward for the hero releases! Also, the 'humanoid' monsters! 
  7. user3k

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Excellent. How about some 'beast' bodies?
  8. user3k

    Resizing Assets for MV

    Edit: worked
  9. user3k

    Resizing Assets for MV

    The tool is not working for me: Windows 10
  10. user3k

    Dungeons and Dragons Core Rules

    Very nice, really good work. Max base stats are just 20? What are the bonus and penalties? Base armor class is 10, i got that. But how attack bonus are calculated? Stats screen: The 'Parameters' have the same info you can see in the 'General'. And the Biografy can be seen in the top of the...
  11. user3k

    GubiD's Tactical Battle System v2.4 for Ace

    Can I actually attack in the map, like Final Fantasy Tactics? The attacks are being played in another map, with just the player and the enemy.
  12. user3k

    Dungeons and Dragons Core Rules

    About the Feat  in neverwinter nights you choose yours Feats based on your level, like warrior level 1 is granted 1 Feat, level 5 one more etc. Equal the 3rd edition. Jp can be added but I like more the 3rd edition system. Path: i don't know exact how it works, but the two options appear great...
  13. user3k

    Dungeons and Dragons Core Rules

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love d&d, being a old player. And I love games like Baldur's Gate. You've a beta of the script? I'm anxious to try. I know ad&d and 3/3.5 rules.  The classes and the damage/to hit/atributes is something I really want. The good and old d&d system - strenght to closed...

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