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  1. swindle

    When one state ends, another begins

    Hey everyone! Hope this finds you well. Soooooo i have an item in my game (beer) which applies a state 100% of the time (drunk, which is an attack buff). What i want to do is when the state 'drunk' is removed, to have a chance to apply a different state (hangover which is a attack de-buff)...
  2. swindle

    Heal all ability targeting

    Hi everyone! Hope the holidays are treating you well. My question: I have a "heal all" ability. In battle, when used, it still asks you to select a (single) target. However, i also have spells that attack all enemies, and that seems to target all of them automatically. Is there something im...
  3. swindle

    Game crashes when exiting the options menu

    Hey folks! I've been putting my game out for testing over the last two weeks, and i common problem i am having is that: when players access the options menu in game, they are given an error message and must force quit the game. I've attached a screenshot of the error message. This happens on...
  4. swindle

    changing game and dock icon

    Hey all! I'm attempting to change the icon that appears in the dock when my game is loaded. I've gone into my img folder and deleted the default icon and replaced it with my own. Mine is the exact same size and file type as the default icon. However the generic RPG Maker Mv icon still pops...
  5. swindle

    Forcing player to move while still giving them control

    Hey gang i'm cooking up a driving minigame over here. Im trying to figure out how to force my player to move to the left while still giving them control of moving up and down. Set movement route does not accept player input while executing itself and im stuck. Is this possible?
  6. swindle

    Another Pesky Eventing Issue

    Hello again! I'm trying to create a feature where if you are moving down a hallway and a guard turns to face you, stuff happens! Whereas if you sneak past them and they dont see, stuff doesnt happen. I've failed in two different ways so far: The first idea was to have the 'guard' (in this case...
  7. swindle

    jumping while moving

    hey gang! so im creating an obstacle course for my player, and part of that includes a few fences to hop over. i placed a event in front of the fence, set below characters with an action button trigger. im using set movement route command to jump, and it works fine as long as my player is...
  8. swindle

    Removing battle options when knocked out

    Hello again, squad! How do you skip over having to input commands for a party member who has been knocked out in a battle? Currently i'm forced to assign 'knocked out' party members actions, even though they cannot execute them. Any help?
  9. swindle

    Quick Question!!

    Hey gang. I'm totally new to this so forgive me if this is silly question. I have a locked door, and my character has an item called 'hair pin'. As opposed to just having a conditional branch that says 'if your character has hairpin, show choices to use the hairpin or not' i'd rather force my...

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