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  1. RMMV Remove all items from inventory except Key Items or Quest Items

    Hi all, I'm wondering if someone could help me out with what I assume is a simple issue. I want to clear the party's inventory except Key Items. I have figured out how to remove all items with a script call but I would like to exclude Key Items or if possible since I'm using Yanfly's Item...

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Finally showing combat in my game. The lighting system I'm currently using doesn't transfer over into combat, but I am hoping to find a new one soon... or an update for the one I'm using. The plan is to make combat less bright, though. You'll want to click the video link below and visit YT for audio.
Huge thanks to D757 Gaming for his stream, impressions and review of my game, please check him out!
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 3rd quarter annual Drifty jam! I'm always so impressed with the games people make! This time our winner dominated both categories!
That feeling when you have an out-of-bounds error and an ai enemy exploits it to kill you

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