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  1. KuariThunderclaw

    Very Basic Action Battle Events?

    So I'm trying to make a game that has a very Legend of Zelda/Secret of Mana type combat system. I feel pixel movement is very important to accomplish this I feel but the better pixel movements seem to break the ABS plugins I like. I've recently been told that it's possible to create a common...
  2. KuariThunderclaw

    Select Weapon and Armor

    Looking for a plug-in where I can select weapons and armor from the item menu so I can use them in say a common event to equip them. Does a plug-in like this exist? Closest I've seen is Yanfly's MapEquip plug-in but I would prefer it being able to be done from the item window if possible.
  3. KuariThunderclaw

    Go to Specific Menu Immediately Button?

    Not sure how easy this is to set up or if it already exists, but is there a way to set up a key to immediately go to a specific menu? Such as if I wanted to set "Q" to go to the Item menu immediately rather than having to go through the main menu and possibly have it close immediately as well if...
  4. KuariThunderclaw

    Moghunter Char Poses

    So ran into a bit of a conflict between Moghunter's Char Poses and the Galv's Simple Crops. When there's a large number of crops I've found out that there is a large reduction in framerate when both plug-ins are active. Looking over the plug-in I have no idea what section constantly is called...
  5. KuariThunderclaw

    Performance Testing?

    So running into an issue with my farm game when I have a large number of events in an area. Some have suggested I reduce the number of events but I have seen another that's similar that has no frame drops despite having a larger event area so this has me wondering if there is a good way to run a...
  6. KuariThunderclaw

    Dealing with Conflicts (can't read x of undefined)

    I've found one of the more significant issues in getting plug ins to work together appears to be when one plug-in somehow ends up checking for a variable in one that doesn't exist in the other. In example, using the Galv crop plug ins combined with Moghunter's Chrono engine I find that if a...
  7. KuariThunderclaw


    From what I can tell I'm going to need to do some of my own plug-in stuff for the game I'm developing but after a while of searching around I've come to a bit of a stupid question that I'm having trouble answering. Where's the API information located? As it currently stands I have no idea how to...
  8. KuariThunderclaw

    RMMV Dragonstone Pastures (Working Title) - A Rune Factory-esque Game of Farming and Monster Hunting

    Dragonstone Pastures (Title subject to change) (You are required at least 2 of the following. You can delete some sections. You can also rename these.) SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: CHARACTERS SECTION C: STORYLINE/PLOT SECTION D: SETTING AND/OR WORLD DEVELOPMENT
  9. KuariThunderclaw

    Moghunter's Pick Up and Throw - How do I add other things to event?

    Having a bit of a problem with Moghunter's Pick Up and Throw plug in. It works just fine for getting one to actually pick up and throw events in it but when the comment used to allow tossing an object is in it the event seems to ignore all other code. Such as say if I want a dialogue box to...
  10. KuariThunderclaw

    Something on Top of Event? (EX: Pushing Rock on Button)

    So one aspect of a game I'm making is going to require tossing objects into a box in a sort of Harvest Moon style. I was thinking that this could be done the same way that say an event would detect that something is on top of it such as button puzzles where you need an object to hold it down...

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