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  1. microck

    Mouse doesn't work in-game

    Hello ! Some of my players (not all players) can't use the mouse (click on screen does nothing :/). I use this simple script call in an event for enable the mouse: Just in case, this is the script I use for enabling / disabling the mouse Why some players can't use the mouse while other...
  2. microck

    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    It would be cool if we can use pictures for foreground + background. Actually all is on the ground expect for characters. Is there any way to disable "Z-scaling" for an event ? EDIT: nvm, with Doodads it's perfect.
  3. microck


    Can we use this plugin but instead of first person view, we see our character like this So that we can have 3D environments with a 2D character, would be awesome. :o
  4. microck

    Brightness option ?

    Yes but this option make the screen colors bland.
  5. microck

    Brightness option ?

    Hey ! Is it possible to adjust the brightness (with shader or whatever) ? I don't want to use pictures overlay, hue RM MV option or plugin like Khas lightning (performances issues).
  6. microck

    OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    Hi, I use the last version of greenworks (0.13.0). I've questions: 1) Is it normal that shift+tab for steamOverlay doesn't work (at least, is it working with your version ?) ? 2) Do we need to use the script call OrangeGreenworks.activateGameOverlay('Achievements'); for each achievement or only...
  7. microck

    True Responsive Game Assets for Fullscreening?

    We can find so many plugins for various things (shader, Steam integration, 3D, Mode 7,...) but nothing about a fundamental plugin like "true responsive". Sad.^^
  8. microck

    Check if player facing an event

    It's a different event. Yes that's the way I do it. :) I found this solution months ago.
  9. microck

    Save Option Enabled on Map?

    You can try to use "common events" so that you don't need to do that for each map. If you are on the overworld map you can set "on" the switch for this common events, if not set the switch to "off". :)
  10. microck

    Save Option Enabled on Map?

    Insert this script call: SceneManager.push(Scene_Save);
  11. microck

    Games are freezing/laging.

    The MV engine have some knowns lags issues with menu access and map transfert. :/
  12. microck

    Conditionnal branches with audio volume

    Oh I see. My bad haha. Thanks. <3
  13. microck

    Check if player facing an event

    VS for Versus. Maybe "in comparison to" is less confused.
  14. microck

    Conditionnal branches with audio volume

    Hello everybody ! I need help for a little thing. What I want to do is showing a picture on certain audio volume. for example: if bgm volume = 50; then "show picture 2" I tried this in conditionnal branches: if script: AudioManager.bgmVolume = 50 then: Show picture 2 if not: Show picture 1 The...
  15. microck

    Reset switchs and variables

    Wow thanks a lot ! You save me. :ywink:
  16. microck

    Reset switchs and variables

    Yes but I need this during the gameplay (when hundred of switchs are already set to ON, same for variables). Any idea ? :)
  17. microck

    Reset switchs and variables

    Hello ! Is it possible to set all switchs to off and reset variables to zero easily (like a script call...) ?
  18. microck

    Check if player facing an event

    Already tried this plugin but I've got incompatibility issues. I just found an event solution (player x, y VS event x, y). Anyway, thanks ! :)
  19. microck

    Check if player facing an event

    Hello ! So basically I search in the conditional branch a way to tell that: "if player facing an event". Any solution (script or not) ? :)

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