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  1. Warlyte

    Opinions on optional trade-off traits?

    You know, things that you can choose at the beginning of the game that affect your character build. Things like "Made of Wood: Increase Strength and Defense by 10% but weak to fire attacks." (I just made that up, not going to use it, haha.) I usually only see it in very open-ended games with a...
  2. Warlyte

    Working with a two-tile high event

    So, I've been working on a system to have players able to push blocks that they can then walk on. At first, I was just using a placeholder graphic, which worked fine even though it looked all wrong. Now, though, I'm using a crate that's actually the correct size to line up with my tile-high...
  3. Warlyte

    Mapping for puzzles (or tactics battles)

    Let me preface this by saying that I am actually really bad at mapping in the first place. But I do know of the saying "form follows function" that gets tossed around. So it occurred to me that when building, say, a puzzle area, it's probably important to keep the player's attention on the space...
  4. Warlyte

    Help check my work? Walkable push blocks

    Hey everyone. Not sure which forum I should post this on, so I apologize if you have to move it at all. Basically, I challenged myself to create a block event that you can push around and also walk onto, without using any plugins. Now that I've gotten it working, I thought I might create a...
  5. Warlyte

    Common sayings on work time

    Recently I heard a couple of different things that got me thinking: "If you're trying to fit your hobby or personal project in with a regular life, it's more sustainable to stick to about 10 hours a week." "A good rule of thumb is that it will take about 100 hours of development for 1 hour of...
  6. Warlyte

    A low-monster world

    Average RPG: Enemies show up on the player's quest and act as obstacles. The player deals with them as they go along. While rewards like EXP and items make it feel worth their time, too many battles can become a nuisance unless purposely grinding. This concept: Enemies are not common at all...
  7. Warlyte

    So much to learn!

    So I've been using RMs since XP, and I've played with every aspect in one way or another. But I never really got serious or finished a project till recently, and only now am I looking through the sea of teaching and advice. Currently, I keep poring through mapping in particular because it's what...
  8. Warlyte

    An awkward hello

    So I'm not really new here per se, but this is probably going to be the start of me being remotely active around here. Frankly the sheer number of users on forums like this one intimidates me, as I'm more used to interacting with small groups or individuals. I usually pop on here to ask...
  9. Warlyte

    "Class level" and "Total level"

    So I want my actors to be able to level up and swap out different specialties (including stats, skills, etc) while retaining a certain amount of strength overall - a main actor level that's equal to the total levels of every type available to them. My goal is to get as close as humanly possible...
  10. Warlyte

    SMT IV Skills (Skills level up when learned again)

    Hello everyone. I'm making a game in which the player goes to a special college and chooses classes in order to learn new skills. However, like real-life college, some classes overlap in their subject matter, and you might take some of the same classes again. In a normal situation this might...
  11. Warlyte

    AAAAAAAAAA oh hi there

    Hi there. I'm Warlyte, and I came to RPG Maker after I wrote and self-published a book and tried to make a game in Unity. A full 3D game turned out to be both a bigger and more expensive project than I could have dreamed, so this was my way of scaling down. Despite that, my first "real" RPG...
  12. Warlyte

    Event Touch triggers bypass this script check

    Hey, everyone. I've been trying to fix my visible encounters system in VX Ace and gotten this code: class Game_Player # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Overwrite check event trigger there #...

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