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  1. Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    @Pheonix KageDesu Can't wait to test this!
  2. Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    Very promising work! Super nice. How do you choose the skills that you want to put in the hotbar? Do you have a specific scene (in the skill scene maybe)? I read you were working on states, do you plan to use SV overlay on map (like Quasi ABS)? What about AI settings? So many...
  3. Quasi ABS

    It works fine!  Thx Quasi, as always!
  4. Quasi ABS

    Hi people! I can't use the <range:X> tag. Only the AI default sight range is used  :( Any ideas why? I found this in the code :  Game_Event.prototype.setupBattler = function() {     var foe = /<enemy:([0-9]*?)>/i.exec(this.notes());     var disabled =...
  5. Quasi Puzzle - need help to fix a bug

    Hi everyone! So i'm messing with Quasi Puzzle's code :   And i found a bug to fix : when i try to push an event with the <pushOnInput> tag, it work only with the "action button" but not with the left mouse clic (as regular events). So i found the following lines which i guess are the...
  6. Quasi ABS

    @Quasithank you again
  7. Quasi ABS

    @Quasi Will you still fix that up? I know you don't support this anymore but as you said it i wanted to know before trying hard to do it.
  8. Dream Engine { Quasi ABS V2.00 }

    Hi, thank you again for keeping this alive! I have a little question about this :  Do you know if Dream Engine will be compatible with others Quasi's plugins like QuasiMovement or QuasiSprite?
  9. Quasi ABS

    You mean  : "3 - stop at events and tiles" ? Anyway, i tried it again (with only your plugins) and my skill goes through all events. But maybe i didn't understand correctly : does "event" mean "enemy" or "event" mean "any kind of event"? Because it work fine on enemies, but i am talking...
  10. Quasi Puzzle

    @Quasi Damn, i tried to recreate it too and i can't! I don't understand at all... Anyway very sorry for wasting your time :( Maybe it happen in a very specific context, i'll let you know if i understand some day lol.
  11. Quasi ABS

    I noticed an other bug : when i use the note " through: integer" for a skill, the skill go through any event (even if i set the integer on 1 or 3). Any idea what's wrong? Maybe i'm not setting the skill right?
  12. Quasi ABS

    Thx Quasi, it now works perfectly!
  13. Quasi Puzzle

    Thx Quasi, it happen with both!
  14. Quasi Puzzle

    I found something wrong : if you push an event wich is bloqued by a wall for example, the actor will continue to walk through the event and then be enable to move. If someone can figure this out cause i'm already working on the clicking thing and i'm code noob.
  15. Quasi ABS

    @Quasi Is there a way to change the idenitifier (#) for skill pictures (ex : fireball#[3-15])?  Because it prevent the game for compiling (i tried to change it in the script but i failed and almost lost my mind).
  16. Quasi ABS

    It now work perfectly! Thx again Quasi!
  17. Quasi ABS

    No more load errors indeed! Thx very much! About QuasiSight, how do i refresh it? Maybe it's a stupid question but i looked around and i don't have a clue :'|
  18. Quasi ABS

    Hi Quasi! I still have the loading issue (save > close the game > open > load > error). No issue if i don't close the game between the saving and loading though. I also found an issue with the last version of QuasiSight : i get this error when there is any event with <enemy:X> note...
  19. Quasi ABS

    Well, it seems you're configuration is good... maybe it's a bug, i'll try to test is later too. (french) Ben l'event à l'air bien construit... je vois pas d'où ça peut venir à part d'un bug... Je vais essayer de faire la même chose ce soir et je te dirai si j'ai le même soucis ou pas...
  20. Quasi ABS

    I didn't test the <NoAI> tag yet, so can't help you more... As Quasi said, did you set "Attack Moves Towards Mouse" on in the plugin parameters? (french) Ah, je ne savais pas que tu utilisais le tag <NoAI>, je ne l'ai pas encore testé donc je ne serais pas d'une grande aide... Comme...

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