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  1. crimcrim

    Changing to whole wheat?

    Hey guys, I really like the new avatar system implemented. I feel like it will help us achieve a new sense of community cohesion and bring us even closer together, but I do have one, albeit small, concern. There's...only white b read. White b read is usually processed using unconventional...
  2. crimcrim

    Is there a market for art in the RPG Maker community?

    yo what, the kid just wants to make some assets and the first replies are "we make our own" or berating him over forum rules, not a good way to welcome someone anyway Shane here's my 2 cents this is a hobbyists first, professionals second platform. when i say this it pertains to both the...
  3. crimcrim

    Welcome to RMW Forums V4!

    yo i can put more anime **** in my profile thanks
  4. crimcrim

    Bring back the IRC Channel

  5. crimcrim

    Hi RPGM Community

    arigatou, tensei-san *bows* (welcome mr. tensei) lol
  6. crimcrim

    smh tbh fam

    smh tbh fam
  7. crimcrim

    i dont think someone who sees a psychiatrist should be a moderator .. lol ....

    i dont think someone who sees a psychiatrist should be a moderator .. lol ....
  8. crimcrim


  9. crimcrim

    np np

    np np
  10. crimcrim

    yore a mod.... a mod of my heart :)

    yore a mod.... a mod of my heart :)
  11. crimcrim


    im interested as well
  12. crimcrim


    how can i make my 300 hour rpg (with gorgeous 16-bit graphics and a unique twist on classic turnbased combat) with only 999 maps?
  13. crimcrim

    Building a GOOD desktop!

    hi this is wrong  your bottleneck is almost ALWAYS your gpu, not you cpu. an i5 CPU is just fine and will last you plenty of time down the road. an i7 is overkill. i also highly doubt you have two titans because that's completely unnecessary and a waste of money. lets not show off and give...
  14. crimcrim

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    this topic has a huge influence on this contest. while it might not dictate the winner, it will certainly dictate for some people if they should play the game(s) in question or not; which, to some people, is just as important as winning the prize money. with that being said, you (or whoever...
  15. crimcrim

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    hello :D that is not nice thing to say person who work on this game put effort into it, just because you dont like doesnt mean it is "troll entry"
  16. crimcrim

    Satoru Iwata Remembrance thread

    Satoru Iwata has passed away on July 11th 2015, when he was only 55 years old. He was a legend in the industry, not just as the president of Nintendo but as one of the most talented programmers of his time (being able to compress Pokemon G+S to fit Kanto, among other amazing features) but most...
  17. crimcrim

    Anime/Cartoon Crushes

    On a different matter, as you can see, I love Asuka Langley Sôryu.   Asuka is my favourite character above any other, I fell in love with her when she appeared the first time in the series, while I was re-watching Neon Genesis Evangelion the 3th time in 2010 (though she did catch my attention...
  18. crimcrim

    If you could have your own anime...

    its a harem anime with combat sequences and a really convoluted 2deep4u plot that makes you feel smart for watching it also dues ex machinas out the pooper
  19. crimcrim

    If you could have your own anime...

    ok so check this out: the story starts off as the protagonist (me btw) watching his favorite show, (sword art online) and being captivated by the lovely Asuna-chan. i writhe in pain everyday and wish that she was real and that we could be together and then one day the protagonist (again, still...
  20. crimcrim



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