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  1. [REQUEST] Shop Menu Script

    Heya, here to request a script for shop menus. Main idea of the script was to simplify some of the user flow through purchasing in shops, rather than having to hit a buy/sell/cancel menu every single time. I'd like it to be compatible with Tsukihime's Shop Manager and Common Event Shop, if...
  2. Script Call Equivalent of Events

    I tried that at first too, but it just gave me NoMethodErrors. After tinkering around, I figured it out: $game_actors[A].equips[Z].params[Y] -or- $data_weapons[X].params[Y] A = Actor ID X = Weapon ID Y = Accepts value from 0 to 7, which are representative of the parameters themselves...
  3. Equipment Level Base

    Heya. Can I request some features for this script in here? This has been pretty much the script I have been looking for minus one thing: Using items/materials in the upgrade process (like metals, and other whatnot like that). - Checking if player has enough of required item(s) -- Displaying...
  4. Script Call Equivalent of Events

    Thanks both! EDIT // just to be safe instead of making a new post: Is there a call for an actor's base stats/parameters, without those added on by weapons, equipment, states, and the like? Or perhaps a roundabout method: some way to access the parameters added on by equipment so I can...
  5. Script Call Equivalent of Events

    Back here again... Is there a way to determine the weapon type (Axe, Sword, Bow, Staff) that an actor currently has equipped? I'd assume it's something similar to this, but these just pull the name and ID, not the weapon type itself - and I'm not sure if weapon types are actually bound to the...
  6. Script Call Equivalent of Events

    Thanks Shaz. The battlers are the guys you bring into battle with you, right? And party would be the entire party, including reserve members and such?
  7. Script Call Equivalent of Events

    Skimmed through the thread and didn't notice this being asked: What's the call that returns the current number of actors in the party? I was thinking $game_party.members, but that's not it.
  8. Name field and Messages.

    Hello all. I've been working on game for a short little while, and now I've gone back to attempt to clean up some things. I wanted to include a custom sort of background window for messages (which i know is in Graphics/System/Window.png). However, I wanted a name field with a custom background...

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