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  1. Modify weapon database In game

    I have tried Silva's trick on rpg_managers.js, unfortunatly... Don't work... When trying to load a saved game, $dataWeapons back to his "vanilla" state using weapons.json. i've searched for hours in rpg_managers but can't find the code part (or i'm just blind) who "force the vanilla mode" of...
  2. Modify weapon database In game

    Thanks for fast replying! I looked for the link you posted, thanks i learned something! I've deepcloned data of $dataWeapon[2] into a clone for modifying it without ID problems! Now, another problem come to me as expected, i can save the game, but when i load it..... Nothing. Just the error...
  3. Modify weapon database In game

    Hello, i'm trying to add weapon for my "handmade job system" on database in game like this: weapon = $dataWeapons[2] // it's my "blank weapon" createweapon = weapon = $dataWeapons.length; $dataWeapons[$dataWeapons.length] = createweapon //add newweapon on database...
  4. Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes

    Hello, i've spawned a randomised weapon into storage chest with Wayne warehouse Storage chest plugin, when i spawn directly the weapon in the chest , she spawned with just "axe" on name, vanilla weapon without modifier. Seem weapon wait to be in player inventory to be randomised... Any way to...
  5. Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    Hello, is there a way to create a neutral enemy? Attack only if you attack? Trying To set "agressive" to 0 with script call "this.setParamE" but nothing happen, still attacking me, tested with "viewRadius" too with script call, set to 0, still see me ! I want to make a neutral guy, with choice...
  6. waynee95's Storage System

    No problem, i understand, i will find some informations about that, thanks for reply!
  7. Weapon/Armor stats on message box

    Hello everyone, little question here : How i can put weapon stats using weapon id on message box? I'm using yanfly itemcore if i can do something with this. Using prefix an suffix buff modification on weapon too. :) Trying to do this, "Loot : Axe of doom! Atk:[atkstate] armor:[armorstate]"
  8. waynee95's Storage System

    Because i already made "Sell stuff to auction house" system with scripts call. But the "Buy stuff from it" part seem more difficult without some id picking on storage remove mode :/ Here exactly why i need it: ^-^ O》Select weapon with remove mode X》Force close storage windows (idk how script in...
  9. waynee95's Storage System

    Hello! Is there a way to get the id of the last removed item from the storage? I'm trying to do a WoW style auction house with youre storage system !
  10. Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    Hello i have some problems using API I use alpha abs v1.2.980. When i do uApi.setParamE ([myEvent_ID], viewRadius, 15) On event script. Console tell me "viewRadius is not defined" It'a bug.or something or its me doing things wrong?
  11. Little question about Alpha ABS Api script

    Sorry, Here is the script page . (The last command line) This is a Api script call. Used in script command.
  12. Little question about Alpha ABS Api script

    Hello everyone, i have some trouble with API Script command from alpha Abs plugin. I want to do :" uAPI.setParamE(id, parameterName, newValue)" So i make uAPI.setParamE(36, "viewRadius", 8) but don't work, I tried uAPI.setParamE(36, viewRadius, 8) don't work too. What i'm doing wrong...

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