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  1. Cole_Carbert

    RMMV Edit MOG_CharacterMotion.js For Use With mv3d.js?

    Hi! I'm currently in the middle of building a 3D game, and I was planning to use MOG_CharacterMotion to eliminate the need to create idle animations and some more intense effects from scratch, but it seems that the plugin was created with only an XY axis in mind, whereas I need it to work with...
  2. Cole_Carbert

    I Really Need Help Editing The rpg_core.js File

    Can anyone help me edit the rpg_core.js file? I really need the function of the "ok" key removed that lets the player essentially fast forward through events because my game is extremely dependant on dialogue and missing or purposefully skipping any of it will ruin the experience. Before anyone...
  3. Cole_Carbert

    Can Anyone Help Me Edit This Plugin?

    Hi everyone! My game features a CRT filter - found here I recently got help with adding an ON/OFF switch - here's the full thread Now I need help again. I want to include a boss battle in my game where you have to avoid the attacks of an enemy that takes up most of the screen. I'm planning to...
  4. Cole_Carbert

    Is This Possible/Can Anyone Help Me?

    Hi everyone! I'd really like to completely remove the "fast forward" function in my game, as it pretty much ruins the entire mood of the game when it's used. Is there any way that I can just go into the source code of the engine itself and remove the functionality there? I've tried every plugin...
  5. Cole_Carbert

    Can Anyone Tell Me Why This Plugin Won't Work/Help Me Fix It?

    Hi everyone! I really don't wan't players to be able to fast forward through show text and movement route events. I found a plugin that's supposed to make it possible to disable fast forwarding, but no matter what I do, it refuses to work. Can anybody tell me why and possibly help me to fix it...
  6. Cole_Carbert

    Can Anyone Help Me Edit This Plugin?

    Hi everyone! I'm using Firgov's CRT Mode to give my game an old-school feel, but I'd like to turn it off at certain points in order to insert a few cutscenes. The problem is, Firgov didn't include an option to turn the effect off. I'm not very good at coding, so I don't really know how to add...
  7. Cole_Carbert

    FIXED - Help With Saving And Loading Via Events (Please, I'm Desperate)

    Hi everyone! It's been a while, but I'm back with more questions (because I am very dumb :rswt ). I'm having a very big (very game-breaking) issue that I need help with. Essentially, I'm trying to make a single file save system (because I don't want people going back to fix mistakes they've...
  8. Cole_Carbert

    Need help creating a plugin

    Hi everyone! This might sound strange, but I need a plugin that will put the player character over all images while retaining the image layers. I'm planning on using the player sprite as a cursor in a point and click type game, and I need to be able to see that cursor when I show images. Can...
  9. Cole_Carbert

    Help with plugin compatibility?

    I'm currently making a game that uses SumRndmDde's Shaking text plugin, and I would really like to use Galv's message sound effects in conjunction with it, but they don't seem to be compatible. Can someone who understands code help me to make these compatible? I'm sure it would be helpful to a...
  10. Cole_Carbert

    Issues With Windows Deployment

    I'm currently trying to work with beta testers so I can ensure my game is as good as it can be, but for some reason whenever a Windows user attempts to play what I have so far, they get the error in the attached image. At first, I thought my computer was removing an important file during the...
  11. Cole_Carbert

    Help With Player To Event Interaction?

    I really want to use the Altimit Movement plugin for my game, but at the moment the player can only interact with events on a grid, like this: (picture 1) But if the player can move anywhere they want on the map without being restricted to a grid, I want them to be able to interact with events...
  12. Cole_Carbert

    Changing The Game And Dock Icons?

    I've tried everything I can think of to change the icon of my game, but nothing is working. Does anyone have any insights? I'm working from a Mac if that helps. Thank you for any help you can give.
  13. Cole_Carbert

    Help With Creating A Menu Using Events.

    I'm trying to event my title screen, but so far I'm having very little luck. I want to restrict the player to one save file, so I need the title screen to load save file one without the need for the 'Load Save File' screen. I'm also having a lot of trouble getting the game autosave to file 1...
  14. Cole_Carbert

    How to change the color of the black sidebars?

    Every time I enter fullscreen in my game, it shows these ugly black sidebars on either side of the screen. Since I am only using two colors to create this game (and neither of them are black) this really pulls me out of my immersion. Is there any way I can at least change what color they are?
  15. Cole_Carbert

    Need help with event formatting (or collision box resizing)

    I'm creating a game in which the player sprite exceeds the bounds of the 48 x 48 collision box of all game assets, and I want to make a roof with an overhang that the player can walk under. The overhang itself is an event which is set to be above the player, but when you actually walk under it...
  16. Cole_Carbert

    How To Crash The Game?

    Okay, I realize that the title of this thread is a little strange, but I need help scripting an event. I want my game to crash and become unplayable once the player beats it (I know it sounds like a stupid thing to do, but it makes sense when you take the story of my game into account). Is there...
  17. Cole_Carbert

    Need Help With The Items Menu

    I'm making a game that won't require the player to have any weapons or armor, so I don't need those slots in the item menu. Is there any way to get rid of them entirely? I don't want them cluttering up the menu when they don't serve a purpose. I also don't need a key items slot, so that should...
  18. Cole_Carbert

    How to remove the "Weapons", "Armor" and "Key Items" slots?

    I'm making a game that won't require the player to have any weapons or armor, so I don't need those slots in the item menu. Is there any way to get rid of them entirely? I don't want them cluttering up the menu when they don't serve a purpose. I also don't need a key items slot, so that should...
  19. Cole_Carbert

    Custom Scene Transition?

    I was wondering if it's possible to change the "Fade to black" transition to a different color. I'd want to change it to #4e5144, but I have no idea how I would go about doing this. I'm creating a game that's meant to look like it's being played on a GameBoy, and the black looks out of place...
  20. Cole_Carbert

    Need help editing a plugin

    I recently posted a request for help editing this plugin, but since then I found an updated version that is supposed to fix the issue I had with it originally. The only problem is that it doesn't. It's supposed to be a plugin to add an HP bar to the map as you walk around that can be turned...

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