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  1. Xanthippe

    Music on advertisement for GCH Portfolio edition

    On the small advertising video that's on steam for GCH: Portfolio edition, what is the music playing?
  2. Xanthippe

    syntax and modulus can be a pain in the #%&*$

    OK can someone explain to me how this {100 - 25 * 3 % 4} = 97 the % mod is something of a complete mystery for me P.S. I am only just starting lessons for ruby.
  3. Xanthippe

    Creating an IconSet

    HI all  So here is my problem...  I have created an icon set and it works, however, it has a white background and not the checkerd blue and black background. Every icon I use now has a white square behind the picture instead of nothing.  I am using Graphics gale as the program. P.S.  Don't...

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