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  1. Lupinion

    How to turn a Hotspot into a Variable?

    A Common Event needs to check on the current status of a Hotspot on a Scene where this event is called in order to proceed. Does anybody know how to make this possible? I wish to make this Hotspot a Persistent Variable to be called by different Common Events that need to know the status of the...
  2. Lupinion

    Is Steam Overlay disabled by default in Visual Novel Maker and all the games you make on it?

    I FOUND THE SOLUTION -- SCROLLDOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TOPIC TO FIND IT (or keep reading if you want to take into the ordeal I'm going through with the first release of my first visual novel on Steam) This question goes in hand with one serious problem I found out after I was testing a build of...
  3. Lupinion

    How to sell chapters as DLCs? Is it possible with VNMaker?

    Hello, I'm new to VNMaker and to selling games in general through Steam. I currently have a story that is comprised roughly of 72 chapters which are like 72 issues of a comic book (new adventures each time, not pay-walling the progress of a short story). I was thinking that making the 72...

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