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  1. DownwardSpiral

    What got you into RPG Making

    Kinda started as a throw away line to my buddy "Dude, what if we had an RPG game based on our stories and comics?" he thought it was a good idea. 30 mins later, he hits me up on steam "Humble bundle's selling RPG maker for dirt cheap, you should get a copy". The rest is history, I suppose.
  2. DownwardSpiral

    First RPG game you ever played

    it was either Kingdom Hearts or Oblivion. My fave JRPG has to be Chrono Trigger on DS.
  3. DownwardSpiral

    What do you think of this situation?

    Sure she may have tested him to see if he'd take the bait, but I think this requires a bit more nuance. Financially, men are expected to be providers, but not breadwinners like it used to be in the old days. Women now have access to higher education thus higher potential for financial...
  4. DownwardSpiral

    How many characters in your opinion is enough

    Generally, quality over quantity. If you can work with three good characters, i'd have that over 20 rushed ones. Does not mean you cant have 20 or more characters, just focus on the important aspects.
  5. DownwardSpiral

    Dream Game Dev Partner

    I hope you do find such a person, friend. Someone who makes you happy and supports you does make the daunting task of game development that much better. From experience it's a two way street, you may have to engage in your partner's ideas and listen to what they have to say. If you share the...
  6. DownwardSpiral

    Rave Heart (Released on Steam)

    I'll give this one a go. The project I'm working on also has a sci fi twist and an ATB battle system :) I'll post my feedback in due time, or I can PM you if you'd prefer that instead.
  7. DownwardSpiral

    The exposition dump

    I think most folks here have covered all the bases, so here's my own take. Consider your audience. Perhaps they prefer a more active gaming experience. There are games like Morrowind that 'throw' the player right into the world and let them orient themselves to the story. There may be some...
  8. DownwardSpiral

    Battle Symphony + Paper Dolls.

    I'm not sure if I'm necroposting here, but I have a question... What's the other script you're referring to? I'm using Modern Algebra's one and that works fine. You may need to contact Vlue if you want a patch, methinks.
  9. DownwardSpiral

    RevCommSuite Multiplayer Demo

    I downloaded the source files. I have briefly browsed through the config files and I'm not quite sure how to test this out. I don't have any knowledge regarding the server stuff, but I would still like to know to get started. Perhaps you can draft up a tutorial on how to set up a peer to peer...
  10. DownwardSpiral

    Battle Engine Symphony: Attack animation tag question

    This one works like a charm, thank you so much! (Lock thread, maybe?)
  11. DownwardSpiral

    Pawafuru Engine - Faction System | Updated 4/19/15!

    I think the link is dead... It just redirects me to
  12. DownwardSpiral

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    These are great! The ones that stand out for me the most those that use lighting (very important in general) and depth(mostly things like elevation or buildings). Loads of talent on this site.
  13. DownwardSpiral

    A story behind your avatar

    Private Jay Freeman, one of the main characters in an upcoming project I'm working on. There's more on our wikia page (if you are so inclined to read up about him, the link's here -> - it's still being worked on, but I'm focusing on the game right...
  14. DownwardSpiral

    Resource Blacklist - The resources you should definitly not use

    I have superimposed my own icons and I dont feel the need to scour the internet looking for each individual icon that belongs to a particular game. Frankly its a waste of time when I have other things to work on in my schedule. If there's an icon that's got a distinct style like a spell icon...
  15. DownwardSpiral

    Resource Blacklist - The resources you should definitly not use

    Still gonna use the big Iconset (for now). I was already making my own icons anyway.
  16. DownwardSpiral

    Crazy resource idea

    Can you provide some kind of example? (For demonstration purposes) Conceptually, it sounds like parallax mapping; using Phototshop/ instead of the map editor.
  17. DownwardSpiral

    A mute as a Protagonist

    Good series.
  18. DownwardSpiral

    A mute as a Protagonist

    Refer to Christine from Dead Money. Although I am no medical expert, I imagine a mute communicates with expressions; their face, hands, body language.
  19. DownwardSpiral

    I like your art style, very unique and original!

    I like your art style, very unique and original!
  20. DownwardSpiral

    Dev blog:

    Dev blog:

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