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  1. Martin

    Help to show a bit complex variable in the right way

    Trying to use some variables stitched together to form a sentence here and I cant find a way for the variable to display correctly when displayed in a text message. Here is the code $gameVariables.setValue(81, "" + $gameVariables.value(93) + ": \\c[3]+\\c[0] " + $gameVariables.value(61) + "...
  2. Martin

    plz arrange this into a animation sheet?

    Hello I made this, but having the hardest time ever to get it in a row of 5 and making it ready for rpgmaker mv. Is there anyone here who wants to do it for me? Or know of a way to make theese fit for rpgmaker mv in a automated or easy way. thanks.
  3. Martin

    Requesting mouse left and right input plugin to active events

    Hello, I want to build a city builder kind of rpg. I have searched far and wide for some mouse input plugins but none is built for this. Need to have a left, AND right click action button on mouse. The plugin should know which of them is used when clicking a event so that we can i.e make a...
  4. Martin

    Can eventA check if it occupies the same tile as any other event?

    Using Orange Custom events, I copy eventA multiple times onto a region, acting as rocks. What Im locking for is a (parallel process)Conditional branch check for eventA to see if the tile its currently on, is in fact already occupied by something else. If occupied.tile delete.this else end...
  5. Martin

    Force Engine not to wait on player input? Check if there is player input at all.

    Is there a way to check if player has no input. ie. not moving?
  6. Martin

    Need a snippet to: selfswitch D on all events on map that has the specific "word" in filename.png

    Hello Need a snippet to activate selfswitch D on all events on map that has the specific "_word" in filename.png I need something like this: if($gameMap.event().characterName().contains("_word")) { var key = [$gameMap._mapId,???, 'D']; $gameSelfSwitches.setValue(key, true); } }} I dunno how...
  7. Martin

    Having some hard time making events facing each other

    I have two events on map moving around via a common event. When those are next to oneother I want the active event (stored in v21) to face the inactive event (stored in v39) I cant get this command to work, also tried turnTowardPlayer but don't quite know how to use it movement route. this...
  8. Martin

    Move route script to check if a switch is true?

    Is something like this possible? MOVE ROUTE: if ($gameSwitches.value[209] === true) { this.requestBalloon(304); } @Shaz I tried to take the region id script you gave me and do something else with it. This time I want a balloon to pop up over event head with 300 wait. I do want to do this...
  9. Martin

    Is it RPG maker community worthy if you take out the RPG Battle part of it?

    I have recently wondered how my game idea and demo (when that time comes) will be received in the rpgmaker community. I think I most probably will block out all the battle and battle stats, and the things that follow such as level and effects. I have a character wich you are in control, and you...
  10. Martin

    How to monitor every switch, variable and other changes from consol/developer tools?

    I really want to see in realtime what switches variables, and other actions actually taking place while game is running. I have searched for a tool or a guide to how to use developer tools for this.
  11. Martin

    A region ID that will instant delete any event that lands/touches it [SOLVED with a script]

    Hello, Im having some trouble with my parallax mapping, a map edge and some jumping events. Events are jumping in different directions based on player actions. Sometimes when a event is dropping coin or jumping wild. it jumps and land outside the map or over a hole in the map. I wish there was a...
  12. Martin

    How many conditionals in one common is too many?

    I have one common event watching variables for life, mana, energy and such. Example, if variable HP = 0 then die, If mana = 0 then speed 3. I tested a bit with 15 - 20 conditional branches with some of them nested in else. The rest of the conditionals are stacked beneath. Well I have no...
  13. Martin

    In need of script to conditional branch check if player is facing this._eventId

    Hello, I have searched a bit around and found a similar solution for the ace: ($[?].y - $game_player.y) == 0 && ($[?].x - $game_player.x) == -2 &&...
  14. Martin

    trying to add +1 or + $gameVariable.value() to this Yep script SwSfcall.

    EDIt: ops Edit repost: Hello, related to the use of Yep SwSv plugin: 1. Im trying to add +1 or + $gameVariable.value() to this Yep script SwSfcall. "this.setSelfVariableValue(x, y, z, value)" So that it increases by 1. Im...
  15. Martin

    help with script call self switch for yanfly swsv

    Hello, is there anybody out there who can help me with the following script to match how Yanfly selfswitch does it? I get a undefined x console error with this running, and its probably because yanfly changed how to call selfswitches? im lost. this is current code: var key =...
  16. Martin

    Check if on map 5 or 7 with conditional branch

    Hello, just a quick question. How to use OR and this formula the proper way? I use it on a conditional brach as a script but with no results conditional If: (script): $gameMap.mapId() == 7 || $gameMap.mapId() == 5 ||
  17. Martin

    RMMV SpaceChase Sci-Fi Grinding systems

    Hello First of all I want to say thank you to the wonderful people helping out and giving ideas and feedback in this forumspace. SpaceChase was at first a demo i did to see how I could do eventing in RMMV. Then the idea of an open world space game came soon after I was disappointed by the game...
  18. Martin

    how to close current choises or textboxes player might have on screen

    Im making a common event based on a random timer, I want this event to close all other possible visible choiseboxes or text. I have tried to search for a solution but could not get any good results. Anyone here know of a way? thanks :)
  19. Martin

    Sudden no BGM on playtest

    Hello, I have had 1month off from my game project and when i just startet it now it suddenly behaved a bit different, and had no BGM on any of the maps. I have steam version 1.6.2 and Im pretty sure I had that same version a month ago. Has any of you experienced this? What can be done to fix this?
  20. Martin

    How to "convert" variable into real text for using in another variable

    Im currently using this script to store a happening ingame to a variable system displaying happenings on the HUD screen: $gameVariables.setValue(381, "\\c[18]This shows up on the HUD.\\c[0]"); Im using OrangeHUDLineVar to display the last 5 events in plain text on the hud. I.e. "Ah nice, I...

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