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  1. RMMV How to have enemies focus healers or silence them

    Hey everyone! So I'm rather new to this whole thing. I'm trying to make a certain enemy cast a silence spell on party members who heal or use magic. Is there anyway to do this. I've tried looking through the troops menu to find things for this and I can't find anything that would allow this...
  2. RMMV How do I round numbers in yanfly buffs and states core

    Hey guys I'm currently trying to create a Magic Jammer effect in the buffs and states core I have the pre created one yanfly made but im struggling trying to change it to my needs. I have it set to block a percentage of the main characters health but it keeps giving me a bunch of decimal numbers...
  3. My actor is disappearing when I try to change him to knocked out in event

    Hey guys this is the first thread of placed so not sure if I'm in the right place. I have created a event where my main character gets knocked out and for some reason when I try to do the image swap for him he just disappears. Here is a screen shot of the event hopefully someone can help?

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