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  1. Gamepad Extender (v1.1, 2/20/2015)

    I am having the exact same problems as you, but since I have no need for the analog sticks, I typed "false" for MOVE_WITH_STICK under padConfig, and that allowed the d-pad to function properly. However, the only other functions that work are dash/menu/cancel and they are allocated to my xbox...

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Empty Bottles and Health Extenders are now a thing.
Also the Sling-Shot does damage to enemies now, but not a lot and you won't get gold from killing them that way.
added a Panic gauge to battle. it fills up according to your actions. each character has a different passive that activates once the gauge is full. also once full, a countdown starts and after each action taken, the gauges decreases. with each character, the decrease is different.
Genuinely considering making a thread informing people how to Google.
It's time for Da Update...

Prototyping some overworld abilities. Some of the characters you'll meet on your journey can use special overworld skills to travel around. This can be something like digging holes in the ground or getting hints towards your next objective.

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