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  1. Capitán

    Am i being irrational?

    Personally I think you are not being irrational, and I would react similarly $250 is a considerable amount for most indie developers. However, I do believe it was a mistake on your part by not creating terms with the artist beforehand. Next time I recommend you draw out terms of exclusivity...
  2. Capitán

    How do I...remove a slowness effect after a certain amount of time?

    Yes setTimeout() would be better for one off, in this case, but I wanted to use setInterval() just in case, as it offered a bit more flexibility with the state by making it simpler to extend the duration/refresh the state by just not clearing the interval. But yes for this usage case...
  3. Capitán

    RMMV Is it possible to create new global variables?

    $gameVariables is an object, if you want to create something that's similar on top of it just create another object $gameVariables.myObj = {} Then you can add your own values $gameVariables.myObj.test = 1; console.log($gameVariables.myObj.test);
  4. Capitán

    How do I...remove a slowness effect after a certain amount of time?

    That's strange, I just tried it and it worked for me, ah well, glad you found a method that worked for you
  5. Capitán

    How do I...remove a slowness effect after a certain amount of time?

    There are probably "easier" ways to do it with eventing, but I like to use code when I can to improve my own logic flows, First I create the slow event called by the state, In the event I use a javascript "timer" that calls my second common event after 7 seconds, in the second event that is...
  6. Capitán

    RMMV Item use requirements menu screen

    I see, is hunger a global variable or tied to a specific actor?
  7. Capitán

    RMMV Item use requirements menu screen

    I'm pretty sure Yanfly's Item Requirements plugin works outside of battle as well, this is a paid plug in but the price for Yanfly's plugins are well worth it in my opinion, I purchased all of them myself. If you use Yanfly's Item Requirements you just have to add the requirements inside of the...
  8. Capitán

    RMMV Orange Mapshot Plugin Help

    1. Have you added any new plugins that could be conflicting with the Orange Mapshot? 2. Try the plugin in a new project to see if it still works.
  9. Capitán

    how do i put an rpg maker xp projects on github?

    What do you mean by "on github", do you want your game files on github as a way to store them. Or do you want your game to be playable on a github domain?
  10. Capitán

    Any way to bind keyboard keys to gamepad buttons?

    I don't think you could do that in game yourself, the player would have to map their own gamepad to said key. What you can do is assign a gamepad button to call your speedup script using one of the plugins above..
  11. Capitán

    Any VX Ace game can be unencrypted within a few minutes :(

    Nothing is 100% secure, somebody could steal your assets sure, but someone could also login to your facebook account if they wanted to. You cannot let that fear hold you back from releasing your work. The best thing you can do is make it difficult for them, but even then if someone really wanted...
  12. Capitán

    Any way to bind keyboard keys to gamepad buttons?

    There are several gamepad configuration plugins, I recommend by @DK or
  13. Capitán

    I've been working on something on and off for a few years now, and I've been reluctant to share...

    I've been working on something on and off for a few years now, and I've been reluctant to share any details on the project before I had anything playable because I did not want to generate hype only for the project to go back on hiatus. That being said I believe what I'm working on is very...
  14. Capitán

    Bounty Hunter Board

    What exactly doesn't work? Helps when trying to diagnose your problem without searching for errors throughout the event page
  15. Capitán

    RMMV Check if actor or enemy receives a state

    What exactly are you trying to do because Custom Apply Effect applies when the state is applied
  16. Capitán

    What's The Story Behind Your Avatar?

    My avatar is the "villain", Goob from one of my favorite animated movies of all time, Meet The Robinsons (criminally underrated btw), this is the child version of him while he is the villain, ever since I was a child I related to him, I understood him. I don't want to spoil the movie in case...
  17. Capitán

    RMMV I Want a Super Duper Simple Nearly-Empty UI

    SumRndmDde has a really minimalist icon menu and you can customise it to only have the menu items you want
  18. Capitán

    Alternative Term for "Critical Evasion"?

    Critical Block
  19. Capitán

    Error Your browser does not allow to read local files.

    While @Aesica 's concern is well-founded, if you're only attempting to test your project then it should be no big concern. By the looks of things you're using google chrome, I recommend copying your browser shortcut on your desktop and adding some security flags into the location path, Once...
  20. Capitán

    Read text files for gameMessage on RMMZ

    Well NWjs has complete support for the node apis, so you can use the fs module to read a local file, and store in an in-game variable and call that in the message, but if you want to do it for all the messages you'd need a better system. You'd need to be able read the file and separate the...

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