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  1. Is there a way to make an Actor a "Support non-target but also non-counted" battler?

    with just base MV you could make the character have traits that make it immune to everything. like evasion/magic evasion +999%, element rates on 0.1% and immunity to all states. then use battle events to trigger game over even with the character alive. in the troops tab you use the battle event...
  2. Secondary On-Crit Effects

    it depends on what purpose you want the mechanic to serve. if you want it to be a main system mechanic that defines the game as a whole then put it everywhere. if you want to make it the defining trait of a class or something like that then keep it limited. do keep in mind however that there...
  3. Hunter's Mark

    the most basic of recreations would be a defense and evasion decrease, though with plugins you could pull off some more diverse imterpretations. for example, making the marked target guaranteed to get critted by ranged attacks. or take increased damage from critical hits. or being more...
  4. Deep Dungeons

    the problem with superdungeons is that handcrafting them is a ridiculous task and procedural generation tends to be extremely boring and repetitive. to make a good one you need multiplicative randomizers. for example, make 10 maze like floors with various interconnected routes. you have 10...
  5. FREE Looking for artist(s) for "Through the Veil of Sorrow"

    send me your discord tag and I'll add you so we can talk.
  6. Auto battles with frequent enemies

    my question is, why use RNG at all? if the point of the system is to let the player skip fights that would require no effort why not just do that? as in if the player's level exceeds the enemy's level by a wide enough margin guaranteed instakill happens. in fact, that what a lot of RPGs do...
  7. FREE Looking for artist(s) for "Through the Veil of Sorrow"

    Of course, that's a given. I'll start writing then.
  8. FREE Looking for artist(s) for "Through the Veil of Sorrow"

    Speed isn't a big deal, I can be a little erratic myself :p As for the chracters, it's 3 main characters (with ~6 expressions), 2 secondary (with ~3), and maybe a couple NPCs (generic ones without eyes). If you're up for it I'll start writing the basic designs for you.
  9. FREE Looking for artist(s) for "Through the Veil of Sorrow"

    For sure! I'd go for a mix of synth and instruments, maybe a harmonica for the city streets and a piano for the dreamy places. If you have something else in mind feel free to play around too.
  10. FREE Looking for artist(s) for "Through the Veil of Sorrow"

    those portraits are very good, but the high saturation cartoon artstyle really doesn't match the tone of this game in particular :/
  11. FREE Looking for artist(s) for "Through the Veil of Sorrow"

    I'm working on the first of a series of RPGs, this one is a relatively short story centered game. It is also rather dark and explores sensitive themes (nothing rated M, though some blood is to be expected), so be aware it you're interested. to be more specific while avoiding spoilers... Lloyd...
  12. How do you use TP in your game, if at all?

    I use TP for character's signature abilities they're meant to use a lot. that way they feel more distinct AND when MP runs out they can still do something. or abilities that don't really make sense to consume MP but I want to still be somewhat limited, like stance changes or reloading ammo. I...
  13. Favorite Turn based Battle System?

    I think the ultimate turn system is ATB on wait mode with turn timer. ATB has superior strategic depth (and more balance options for the dev to use like cast times) but full active ATB (as in the ATB never stops) breaks very easily as battle animations make everyone's ATBs sync up. unless you...
  14. RMMV Help Modding Ellye's ATB Plugin?

    The Ellye's ATB plugin has a CTB mode that can display the turn order on the top of the screen, like this... (please ignore any janky placeholder graphics) And I was wondering if this feature could be turned into a shared ATB bar approximation by tying the X coordinates of the faces on the...
  15. Class System

    it's basically running events when a state is applied or removed. you might not even need it but it's useful when you need to do weird things at weird times.
  16. Class System

    I haven't done it myself but you can pull it off with states. states by default have the functionality to change stats, abilities and equipment. you could have a single default class for everyone and do the actual classes with states. with yanfly's plugins (like doing evals when states are...
  17. Class System

    Question, if you have made classes into various combinations of talent branches why not just let the player choose 4 branches and make up their own class? it would also save you the effort of putting together so many classes yourself.
  18. Progression Help

    the thing is having more options in itself is stronger, even if you can't get all of them. if you CAN get the whole tree then it's ultra OP. if you want the MC to have access to everything and still be balanced you have to nerf him in some other way or buff the other members. like give the MC...
  19. Armor Set Bonuses

    and that's yet another argument for horizontal equipment design supremacy.
  20. Armor Set Bonuses

    I've noticed a lot of times set bonuses are so OP that they kinda kill customization, there's no point in theorycrafting your own build if getting a set is just better. other than that they're super cool collectables even if you don't use them. I'm a balance junkie so I made the set bonus part...

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