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  1. Altrana


    thanks for giving me the idea ;)
  2. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    so, results of playing it not on my computer?
  3. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    If I try to get to the console commands (pressing F8) during playtest then nothing happens. It still stays the same white screen.
  4. Altrana

    Not able to playtest There you go. Also, on any other project it loads perfectly fine so
  5. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    seriously it's been 7 days can anyone help oh my god
  6. Altrana


    I didn't expect to be blown away by this, but I was! Now, it's no masterpiece, it has quite a lot of flaws, but it's something I for sure wouldn't be able to make myself. It takes a different direction than most RM games and it's pretty much not even and RPG at all! I've been playing it non stop...
  7. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    Ok, well I don't know how to do that. Any other ways you could help?
  8. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    Sure, give me a minute, for I haven't the slightest idea how to do that.
  9. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    Yes, RMMV.
  10. Altrana

    Not able to playtest

    Recently, I've encountered what I think is a bug. I've plugged a couple hours into a project and while playtesting it one day, it just displayed a white screen. No title, no graphics, no nothing. Every time I try to test battles or anything else, it always does this. Everything in my folders are...
  11. Altrana

    This Is Either a Bug or I'm Just Stupid

    So, I bought the Time Fantasy pack for RM MV and put the tiles in the designated folders. (The files used from I'll include pictures of the file placements below. After I finished doing a tiny bit of transporting my old landscaping into the pack, I decided to test it out...

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