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  1. Modify weapon database In game

    Hello, i'm trying to add weapon for my "handmade job system" on database in game like this: weapon = $dataWeapons[2] // it's my "blank weapon" createweapon = weapon = $dataWeapons.length; $dataWeapons[$dataWeapons.length] = createweapon //add newweapon on database...
  2. Weapon/Armor stats on message box

    Hello everyone, little question here : How i can put weapon stats using weapon id on message box? I'm using yanfly itemcore if i can do something with this. Using prefix an suffix buff modification on weapon too. :) Trying to do this, "Loot : Axe of doom! Atk:[atkstate] armor:[armorstate]"
  3. Little question about Alpha ABS Api script

    Hello everyone, i have some trouble with API Script command from alpha Abs plugin. I want to do :" uAPI.setParamE(id, parameterName, newValue)" So i make uAPI.setParamE(36, "viewRadius", 8) but don't work, I tried uAPI.setParamE(36, viewRadius, 8) don't work too. What i'm doing wrong...

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