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  1. lianderson

    I are feel better now! I is back!

    Thank you all who were nice! You are good devs. Sometimes we go through things! And sometimes we come through. Praise be to the game make!
  2. lianderson

    Goodbye Humans!

    I've had fun on these forums for the last 9 years. (mainly lurking and slapping likes when needed) But between a mix of disappointment, disillusionment, and me constantly asking myself why I'm still here, I has decided to leave. Praise be to the game make.
  3. lianderson

    Too... Many... Sections...

    Consolidate some. Fite me.
  4. lianderson

    What's the largest RM game you played all the way through?

    For me it's zero, because I've never played a RM game from start to finish. It's a strange thing to admit, embarrassing really, but it's true. I just never got around to finishing any one else's game. I'd be half way through a good game, sometimes even less, and be like, man, I really need to...
  5. lianderson

    Steam Early Access to Full Release

    My game recently went into early access on Steam a few days ago. Now, I know you don't sell many copies in EA, especially with RPG Maker, but... I wasn't expecting this little. I mean, I´m not even in the double digits. So, I´m curious if anyone here could share their experience with this...
  6. lianderson

    The Wooden Ocean

    Features: Screenshots: Credits: Twitter: Discord:
  7. lianderson

    The Wooden Ocean

    This game is now done and is currently waiting approval for it's Commercial Release thread.

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