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  1. Problem with self-states in damage formula

    Perfect! Thanks heaps :) Awesome, that all works fine thanks!
  2. Problem with self-states in damage formula

    Yes! This works, the only problem is that after the skill is used the caster is treated as dead but the sprite remains on the field... Is there a way to force the collapse animation? I mainly asked because there's another skill I'm working on which has the same concept but inflicts a state on...
  3. Problem with self-states in damage formula

    So I'm trying to make a skill which does two things 1. Deal damage to all enemies 2. Inflict a state on the caster After searching a few threads I used "a.add_state(1);a.mhp*0.25" which is intended to deal 1/4 of the caster's max HP to all enemies and then kill the caster (similar to a...
  4. Help needed! Run code on item drop

    So I'm trying to set up a variable to use for recording how many of an item drop when you kill a monster, but I can't seem to find an "if x drops do y" thing... Anyone know anything about this or similar? >~<"
  5. Help needed! Gameus Quest System

    This is something I've been a bit puzzled on for a while now... There is a quest I want to add in the game I'm creating where the player needs to collect 3 of item x in order to complete it and progress. Item x is a drop from an enemy, but I'm not sure how to make it so that if the drop occurs...
  6. Jackkel's Persistent Switches

    @Hikitsune-Red, you are an amazing human (I'm assuming you're human at least :P ), this worked and I'm so happy! Thank you so much! >w<
  7. Jackkel's Persistent Switches

    Hiya! I've had this problem with a previous project of mine (Which I tried to use this in), and now it's reappeared when I've tried to run a new project with this plugin also. I get the "TypeError: undefined is not a function" thingy at the loading screen, but it goes away as soon as I turn this...
  8. Gameus' Quest System

    Yo! Just wondering if the quest progressions save when you save the game and dont reset to defaults like switches and variables? Awesome plugin, though! ^-^

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