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  1. limsoonchiong

    Custom Action Sequence using Visustella Battle Core MZ for Dual Wield

    Hi, I am using custom action sequence for all my weapons. So Sword/Dagger will have a swing Skill and Spear will have a Thrust skill. It works fine for single wield users but when it comes to dual wield user, they will only action one skill. Any suggestion how to do this for dual wield users...
  2. limsoonchiong

    RMMZ Custom Action Sequence for Dual Wield using Visustella Battle Core MZ?

    Hi all, I am using custom action sequence for my dagger and my claw weapon. I manage to setup both skills individually but don't know how to run them together or twice in a dual wield situation. Any advise?
  3. limsoonchiong

    RMMZ Theo Limited Inventory MZ

    Hi all, I'm using Theo_LimitedInventory.js MZ version. The current position of the display is overlapping with Visustella's Main Menu Core. Anyone knows how to change the position of Theo's inventory window?
  4. limsoonchiong

    Adding a message when you equip a weapon

    Hi, I have a gun system that uses ammo. Would like to add a pop up message to warn the player when they try to equip the gun when the ammo is zero. Is there a plugin like this? At this moment, I only managed to add the warning during battle, which is kinda too late. I can add a message the...
  5. limsoonchiong

    How to find out enemy stats from event call?

    Hi, would anyone know how to find out enemy stat from the database for enemy ID 1 via a script call or event call? This call is to be run not during battle.
  6. limsoonchiong

    RMMZ Battle Cry before each attack

    Hi, any one knows how to add actor specific battle cry before each attack? I added a battle cry into the slash animation but both male and female will sounds the same.
  7. limsoonchiong

    RMMZ Graphics on selected Enemy instead of just flashing white

    I would like to overlay a graphics on my enemy when it's selected, basically extra visual instead of just the enemy blinking white. Any ideas how it can be done? If plugin which ones? I don't think VisustellaMZ can do this?
  8. limsoonchiong

    Move away from player Event stuck at corner of map

    Hi experts, I set an event route to move away from player but noticed that my events that is moving away will get stuck at corners. Any idea how to resolve this? Goblin is the event and the dog is the player. There is ample space for the Goblin to move upwards but he doesn't bother to do it.
  9. limsoonchiong

    Event is interactable even on different levels

    Hi all, just wanted to confirm that this is a limitation. I have a treasure chest which is placed on a different level but my player can still access it. This is normal right? Any tips or code to prevent this other than redesign the map?
  10. limsoonchiong

    RMMZ VisuZM Options Core

    Hi all, trying to use VisuStella's Options core to force always dash on. I don't really know how to do so even after reading the help. Also tried editing the JS section of the script but nothing seems to work. Another problem I have with Options Core is force full screen. It keeps alternating...
  11. limsoonchiong

    Is there a script call to force activate always dash?

    Hi, I know you can check if a player is dashing via a script call, but can I force activate always dash? My game requires always dash to be switched on to work. I would like to force on always dash because after deployment, always dash is switched off by default.
  12. limsoonchiong

    RMMZ VisuStella Main Menu Core question

    Hi, anyone knows how to disable the stats part of VisuStella's Main Menu core? My game is a solo player who does not use any weapons, or MP or equipment or any stats. The portrait part I wanna keep. I tried to dabble in the JS part of the plugin(Picture 2) but keeps getting errors since I'm no...
  13. limsoonchiong

    Balloon function error

    Hi all, I started having this issue starting yesterday. TypeError-this.requestBalloon is not a function. I have been using this.requestBalloon(n) in my Route calls for a few months now and it was fine until yesterday. Any tips what could be the problem? New clean project is also giving this...
  14. limsoonchiong

    Variable and Switches window during editing

    Hi experts, just checking to see if I have missed a short-cut/button some where that says Switch Window or Variable Window? Currently, I only know how to access Variable or Switches through opening an event -> Control Variables or Control Switches.
  15. limsoonchiong

    Batch changing events or create a MASTER event

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to batch change event images. Example, I have 5 treasure chest which use image A. Is there a way to batch change all the 5 treasure chest image without going into each event one by one? Or perhaps a method of creating a MASTER event where we can...
  16. limsoonchiong

    Possibility of tweaking EXP received without plugin

    Hi experts, I am trying to make game difficulty without using a plugin. Managed to use State to do this except the EXP part. Was wondering if it's possible to multiply the EXP received without using a plugin. Either by using a script call or something. Perhaps something like this...
  17. limsoonchiong

    Weapon Animation on MAP

    Hi, does anyone know if we are allowed to call the weapons animation during gameplay and not during battle? I would like my character to use axe animation on a tree, to show that he is cutting a tree. Right now, I am using animation for this and during the cut scene, he is just standing there...
  18. limsoonchiong

    RMMZ RMMZ Message Box Margin/Padding

    Hi experts, does anyone know how to increase the message box's left padding or margin? I would like to adjust the text so that the message starts same line with the name in the name box.

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