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  1. RMMV Is there any command that can check what face is currently applied on an actor?

    So in my game, I was looking at changing actor faces with states. I found this forum that gave me the command using yanfly's buffs and states core to change the face for the actor when states are applied. One of my actors ages throughout the game so I plan on using the change actor images...
  2. RMMV Using Yanfly's buffs and states core and animated sv characters to change the sprite of an enemy when affected by a state.

    So I wanted to make it so that when an enemy is affected with a state, their sprite would change. I would use the sideview sprites to animate the enemy but I want that sprite to change to a different one when the state is applied. I used the buffs and states core to change the actor faces when...
  3. RMMV How do I change the opacity of the battle log window at the start of the battle?

    So I wanted my battle log to look more like a window so I looked around and found a "half solution" I guess which basically makes the window appear once something is written in it by going into the rpg_windows.js file and changing the opacity to 255. What I want is the window to appear...
  4. RMMV The removeState command is undefined using Shaz's State Add/Remove Commands plugin.

    So idk if I'm being a complete idiot right now or what but if I use the "onadd: removeState(5)" command trying to remove the 5th state when a state is being applied everytime that state is applied it gives an error saying that "removeState is undefined". Like I said, I'm probably being stupid...
  5. RMMV Can I make a skill use %2 to show the target's name in the message?

    I was trying to find something that would allow me to use some sort of variable to show a the name of the target of a skill. I found this, which worked for a bit but once I started adding more plugins from other things it stopped working and gave a similar error that CardWielder received at the...
  6. RMMV Is there any way to align the battle log to the center?

    I wanted to make a little edit to my battle log so the text would align to the center rather than the left. I wanted to see if there was something I could do to make that happen. The only 2 plugins I could see possibly being an issue with anything else would be SRDude's Battle Log Upgrade and...
  7. RMMV Is there any way to have name input processing affect multiple actors?

    Hey I was just wondering if there was any way I could make a name input processing command that would change 4 different actors to have that name in game (Actors: 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004). I'm fairly new to RPG Maker so idk if there's a simple answer for that. If there happens to be no way to do...

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