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  1. RMMV Moghunter Chronoengine: Enemy doesn't attack in Chrono mode

    Here is the imgur video of the initial error.
  2. RMMV Moghunter Chronoengine: Enemy doesn't attack in Chrono mode

    Hello there, I have been using chronoengine for a while and I wanted to convert enemies from ABS mode to regular chrono engine mode. As I tried to convert my enemies back to chronoengine, I have snagged into a couple of issues. The issue is the enemies where it refuses to attack the target. I...
  3. MOG ChronoEngine assistance: Stun and Paralysis

    Hello everyone, I have came across a problem being faced with Moghunter's Chrono Engine Active Battle System where I require skills and items needed to temporarily stun and paralyze enemies, whether it'd be used with a hookshot or a boomerang. The problem I am facing is that whenever a stun...
  4. All parallel processes won't run

    I also think I have fixed it. The solution was to completely reapply all the plugins from Moghunter's Chronoengine and replace the old files. It now works properly.
  5. All parallel processes won't run

    Here it is. I am using moghunter's chronoengine.
  6. All parallel processes won't run

    I have tried isolating everything into one single event, but to no avail. I have also tried disabling all of my plugins and it turns out that it is a plugin issue... I am using Moghunter's chronoengine and I want to know if any code is interfering with the game itself.
  7. All parallel processes won't run

    No duplicate map whatsoever. All maps are named differently.
  8. All parallel processes won't run

    Here are some screenshots... As you can see, this event is the only parallel event I have and none of the autorun events run without a switch being activated. The parallel process event is supposed to activate it, but it clearly didn't. Not only that, but the weather effects haven't changed...
  9. All parallel processes won't run

    This is getting infuriating as I do not know what is going on. All of the sudden, none of my game's parallel processes work and I had to reconfigure a bunch of things in my game. I tried using a weather parallel process within my game and nothing had happened. None of them worked at all. Is...
  10. Map Screen Plugin Request

    I am basically using an event system where switches are called whenever a player enters or exits a room. There, the room gets highlighted whenever the player enters. Though I have a problem with the image of the map "popping in" without any sort of fade transitions. I tried doing the fadeout...
  11. Map Screen Plugin Request

    I mean it shows a room or an area of say a dungeon or an overworld and uncovers more as you enter rooms or areas within the dungeon or overworld, recording the rooms you have already been in until you obtain an item or an ability to expose the rest of the map. Almost like Zelda.
  12. Map Screen Plugin Request

    Now all that's done is making the maps and making it so that the player could slowly uncover maps until they receive an item that reveals all the map within a dungeon. Could be done with conditional branches, right?
  13. Map Screen Plugin Request

    Alright, now it works. Thanks.
  14. Map Screen Plugin Request

    Oh, so this code would require both the scene and switch 2 to be off?
  15. Map Screen Plugin Request

    I have situations where the player would have to play a mini game and the flow would be messed with if the map screen is opened. I want to make it so that the map screen is disabled while the introductory portion of my game is taking place and have a way to enable the map feature once the...
  16. Map Screen Plugin Request

    Oh, is that whenever a map auto event plays or would I still have to call upon the script?
  17. Map Screen Plugin Request

    Got that down... and one more thing... How would I disable and reenable the tab function if I want to make cutscenes without the player hitting tab and messing up the cutscene flow?
  18. Map Screen Plugin Request

    Alright, that is fixed, now I just need a way for the switch to turn off whenever I press TAB again.
  19. Map Screen Plugin Request

    I tried making a new plugin JS file, but it didn't seem to work, even when I am pressing Tab. I tried all the keys, but it didn't work. I also tried applying it to the RPG core, but the game crashed.

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