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  1. RMMZ Some help is needed for VisuStella Picture Common Events for a crafting menu

    So far, I understand that by binding a Common Event ID in the plugin database and using a "Show Picture" Command I can show the Picture with the plugin's properties. What I haven't understood is how to make clicking functional as to activate another event by clicking that said image. It's...
  2. RMMZ Having trouble making Battle Portrait work with Battle Core VisuStella MZ

    My Battle Layout Style is set to portrait and in Portrait Style "Show Portraits?" is at true. In "Note" for my actor, I've added the file name which is located in img/pictures inside <Battle Portrait: x file name>. I've got no clue what needs to be done after this or if I'm missing something. I...
  3. Weird pause using effekseer animation based on sprite sheet in battle

    I've used this Tutorial, but in battle, the animation plays as you would expect until you reach the end. At that point, there's a weird pause that continues for 2 or 3 times the animation's length in time before the damage is dealt. I don't know what could cause it as it looks perfectly fine...
  4. How to go about making a 3 tile gate ?

    So I made a 3 horizontal tile gate, but there are a few problems with it, though I'm still new to making games on RPG Maker MZ. I set up the gate so it appears after a cutscene plays out and its invisibility is turned off (handled inside the cutscene event), like a trap. However, when I interact...

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