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  1. Creating a game

    Wassup guys, hope everyone is doing well. So yeah i'm fairly new to RPG maker MV, GIMP and daz3d but i'm learning fast. My plan for my game is to have models from daz3d. I don't want to have cartoony (SV) battlers or faces. I don't mind using the default cartoony character as I won't be...
  2. Creating a game

    Wassup guys, My names John. I'm quite new to this RPG maker MV and i plan on making a game. Already got an idea for the plot and I have seen a lot of tutorials on how to build maps, creating events, switches, house interiors etc. But i'm having one issue. In my game I don't want to have...

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grief... finding a font that works with the engine has been a bigger process than I thought it'd be. doesn't help MV loves to scrunch letters next to each other like a football huddle.

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